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It's hard to express my opinion on things that are political, but I will take a chance.
         Undermining your position? During this time, with all of the uncertainties occurring in this world, your position in life is very low. We have elected a new President-Elect of the United States. There are problems with our current President; he doesn't want to give up his role as our leader. I see the same problems that President Barack Obama had when Mitch McConnell refused to pass anything that was put before Congress. For the good of our country, President Obama wanted to pass some things. The Republican Party wouldn't have it. Besides that, President Obama wasn't expected to be a second-term president, however, he did manage to get re-elected. I didn't think it was fair that the Republican Party dominated (took control) of the votes in that fashion.

         I thought President Barack Obama was a good President and role model for us all. Every time that he wanted something passed, despite being overridden by the majority of the Republican Party, I wasn't aware of him ever getting mad or angry; he was pretty cool. There was another occurrence when the Republican Party had stepped in, that was when President Obama wasn't allowed to elect a Superior Court Justice. What does anyone make of that? This was so unfair.

I didn't have the answers as to why President Donald Trump can get by with the things he gets by with. It's unbelievable. What makes him so special that he thinks he's above the law? For the survival of this country, I do have one answer; we can all pray and believe that it can be done. The impossible can become possible. It just takes a little tiny bit of faith to move mountains; all it takes is a grain of mustard seed. Don't leave yourself in despair and defeat, instead, lift yourself up. The rhetoric that overshadows you by weighing yourself down, don't let the extravagance of it all do that. By doing the right things, the coronavirus (COVID19) will dissolve itself (vanish), never to be seen again. This would be wonderful!

         Because of having gone through things in my life, I've learned to trust the Lord for everything; I know He's watching over me because of all the close calls that have happened to me.

         Political issues are something that I'm not into much, which is why I don't share my opinions, due to the controversial and analytical conversations that are misleading and misunderstood by the viewpoints of others. People are easily offended by the things other people say; things that aren't politically correct.

         Undermining your position, a lack of confidence would underachieve your ability to gain back your potential by excessive amounts.

         Doing what you'd like to do with a confidence that's believable, endurable spirits can be a conquest to overcoming any obstacle that's put into your path.

         To undermine your potential means that you've given up. Stand up straight and tall, don't look back and you won't fall.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, December 13, 2020
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