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Legacy of my grandmother..

The heart is a honey bee searches tireless,
Love resembles honey, tests sweetness,

Teenage budding senses, heart blossoms,
Feeling, sound, sight, taste, touch awesome,

Love as honey satiate heart hungry most,
Childhood budding mind, love never lost,

Mature life gradual, love own fascination,
Searches from family, friend, communication,

The mind loves demeanor, care, time, fondness,

Heart seek closeness, loving gesture impress,

As adult realized love never overwhelm,
Purity yes, silent expectations in the chain,

Father loves son, for discipline, obedient,
Mother loves child for exam result decent,

Teacher loves student found the least indecent,

Friend love on the share, matching sentiment,
Elders love a kid, humble, simple, silent,

Neighbors love friendly smile, lack incessant,
Grandpa’s love immense without motive,

Loving time, shares, mood quite emotive,
Remember childhood grandmother’ love,

Matching with mother’s love, anger dissolves,
Undiluted, always, her askance mean little,

Never saw her angry, patience least brittle,
Teenage life, tears, hurt, ma, papa got angry,

Mistakes prone in life, accident or hungry,
Crestfallen in poor result, teacher rebuke,

Felt insulted before a friend, threw, notebook,
Quarrel with a neighbor mate, get scold a lot,

Denied request, father forget promise most,
Mother visit away from home, leaving alone,

Sit sullen brood, protest in fast most often,
Decades after wonder, clueless how all melt,

Grandmother’s caress, loving whispers dealt,
Assure friend Grandma, nights were a charm,

Stories of kings, princess, prince, in bed warm,

Sleep creeps stealthy, her presence secure,

Fear of ghost, demons, punishment disappear,

Remember sharing snacks with her, fun,

Walking in the park hand in hand under the sun,

Sleeping in her lap, paradise in dreams,
Quick asleep takeover like milk n creams,

Her evening prayers, utterances with bead,
Her visit to the temple, company none to head,

Remember her simple life, pious, much kind,
Her fasting every month, simple diet remind,

Adult age surprises, her pain, sadness hide,
Her eyes so much loving, smiles, rules decide,

Century ago Grandma as a goddess was living,

Group family was our home, demeanor enchanting,

Parents respected her, her words respected,
She was family head, advises motivated,

Century fade with her charisma in course,
Generation see family fractured, atom worse,

Adulthood seeks life partner, kids only,
Couple seeks my way or highway selfishly,

So often broken homes collapse kid’s life,
New aspiration, dreams, family under the knife,

Grandparent, parent all vanish from the kid,
So sad, heart, throb, lost a time indeed,

Inquire, mind nostalgic, encompass slow,
Demeanor grandmother loves heart glow

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