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A special event at the north pole Clause estate.
The most important meeting of the holiday season began as Santa called everyone to order. Everyone including the volunteers was required to be actively involved. Santa noticed there were many new faces among the crowd as he read the room and deliberated where to begin.

Over an hour later there was a pause in the hectic excitement of the proceedings.

“Are there any questions before we end this meeting?”

“Santa, what will happens to the reindeer who do not fly with you this year?”

“Ah, someone who is concerned about my precious reindeer, wonderful. Ma’am, I will be very happy to discuss this matter with you after the meeting.

“Thank you, kind sir.”

“Meeting adjured!”

Moving toward the exits as they made plans for the evening two people were left alone at opposite ends of the long table.

“Now, about the reindeer. Those who do not accompany me on y yearly trip will be moved to pasture at a lower elevation until I return.”

Oh, Is it a good idea for them to be alone?”

“Our guardian dogs will be with them. Would you like to get some hot chocolate or something?”

“Ok, thank you.”

Such a fine specimen and quite a beauty beyond all beauty I have found. Where will I take her on our first date?

Spring sprang uncovering colorful blossoms and vibrant green. The hustle and bustle about the workshops was not enough to divert or conceal the relationship between Santa and the newfound love of his life.

Day and night they were together working or relaxing. It didn’t take much imagination for everyone to know where this twosome relationship was headed. The big question was when was Santa going to ask the all-important question.

As the air-cooled and browns and yellows started to appear throughout the expansive natural grounds housing all of Santa's business and living quarters, excitement and great effort began to flow through the entire workforce. Extra work staff and imaginary inventors were recruited to decelerate the pace for the coming holiday event of greatest importance.

Even Santa and his close and supportive companion were engaged in several projects. There was one extra special event being planned for this festive event that would take Christmas to a new and unsurpassed level. At least that happened to be the latest gossip.

Santa and some of the most trusted elves were together in secret on a fine sunny day when the reindeer disappeared. This wasn’t too unusual except for the time of day. Close to evening, they started heading for the barn. As the stars began to shine and the moon glowed brightly the barn remained empty.

Morning arrived with only one reindeer standing near the barn door. The eleventh and other workers stood near and waited for Santa to appear but in vain they remained until late afternoon.

“where or where is Santa? This is highly unusual for him to leave and no one has any clue where he is or why he is away.”

“I remember one time long, long ago when Santa disappeared. He came back a day or two later with a new wife. She was fair to behold and quite an animated person. Kinda like the new girl around here. I wonder if?”

“Nah, he wouldn’t do that. He promised to let us know if there was to be a wedding.”

“Well, I don’t know, he’s been acting a bit strange lately.”

Course you’d know all about this stuff and have been around here for almost 99 years, wouldn’t you?”

“Yup, I sure would and I’m beginning to believe that there is going to be another Mrs. Clause soon.”

“Ya don’t mean that young airy and favorable find looking thing that’s been dogging him lately do you?

The barn door creaked open and there stood Santa decked out and handsome as ever. Anna was sitting in the sleigh glowing and beautiful. Santa had that excited and grateful look which some elves recognized from years ago.

“It’s party time! I or rather we’ll meet you all at the church in about an hour.”

The wedding ceremony was short and absolutely wonderful. Everyone was full of mirth and joy. “I do.” and “I do.” completed the vowels and they kissed each other and then lead everyone to the hall for the reception.

“How did Santa propose I wonder?”

“It’s not rocket science, they went for a sleigh ride. It worked the last time very well, so what reinvent a good thing.”

“I know who the historian is around here now. When I need historical information I’ll come to you. I hope you have another 99 years.”

“I probably will have 99 more years at least.”

“You should write a book.”

“Good idea, perhaps I will start a book before this year is long gone.”

Merry Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season.”

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