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Lisa wanted to return this weird package, but circumstances made it difficult...
Lisa, my neighbor, watches paranormal shows on YouTube. She has her favorites and likes the scare. She told me, “It’s exciting, and downright terrifying sometimes. I love it when they check out abandoned homes.”

One time I sat down with Lisa and watched the G Team investigate this scary cemetery in Georgia where they came across a shapeshifter. I never would have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes! I was on the edge of my seat!

One morning, Lisa received something weird in the mail. I was there when the package was delivered. She didn’t order anything! She checked the address, and found it was hers. She opened it and this scary looking doll stared back at us. It had a booklet which said this doll was possessed. We both stepped back, not wanting to get near it, our eyes big as saucers.

We decided to get it out of her house and store the package in her camper. Lisa asked around but none of her acquaintances nor her family sent it. It’s creepy just thinking about anyone doing such a thing!

We asked an UPS worker if anyone was missing a package? Lisa informed them that a doll was sent to her house which she never ordered. She went on to explain, “The papers inside the box claims the doll is possessed by a ghost.”

The lady stared at her in disbelief. “We’ll ask around, hold on to the package until we find the rightful owner.” I had to snicker over how serious she was about Lisa keeping it, but I couldn’t blame her!

Waiting for the rightful owner to come forward and claim this doll, Lisa decided to step inside the camper and check on it. “Who knows, it could have taken off somewhere!”

That sounded so far out that I began to laugh and couldn’t stop. She joined in and we both fell on the couch, giggling like schoolgirls. It sure took the edge off this weird incident. Lisa checked on the doll, but it wasn’t where she put it. That sent chills down my spine! We finally found it in a corner of the camper, but how did it get out of the box?

The doll’s rightful owner, a young guy, was happy to retrieve his latest prize. Then he handed Lisa a package, "This came to my house the other day. Maybe there's a mischievous Santa's elf who wanted us to meet! I'm Liam Schull!"

She laughed, "I'm Lisa Scholl! A couple of numbers in our addresses are switched around. It's funny we never got each other's mail before."

"I just moved here, so I'm sure it will happen again." Liam explained about his collection of possessed dolls. "Hey, would you want to come and check it out?"

"Sure, we would love to!" I side-glanced Lisa, shaking my head no.

I unwillingly went along to see the creepy dolls, and witnessed Liam and Lisa fast becoming friends.

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