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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2240248
This is a short story idea I got from magiccaa on Instagram
One morning, I woke up feeling drowsy with something resting on my back; moving over, I found a strange rock on my bed? It looked shiny like a gemstone and was a bright green color; curious, I brought the gem closer to my face when suddenly my head started to throb in pain as if something was happening to my brain? Suddenly I could hear what sounded like footsteps as I looked over, noticing rats scurrying across the floor as well as cars honking from outside my apartment. It was so strange, like I could hear things that ordinary people couldn’t?

“So the gem has chosen?” Suddenly I could hear a voice sounding as I fall to the ground, the gem hitting the floor as the noses around me stops, “Do not be alarmed?” The voice sounding like a shaman woman, “Your mind has not cracked, but rather has been given greater cognition?” Then said as a bright light suddenly emerges from within the stone as a tall woman with green hair and dressed in robes appears.

Staring back, the hologram waited for a response. However, I said nothing, “Hmm, Why do you not answer back worrier? Surely you have questions and are quite shocked to-” I shook my head again, getting her attention before signing with my hands.

‘I can’t talk?’ I said as she looks back, shocked that her chosen hero was mute!

“What! You can’t talk?!” She said as I nod my head yes, “Hugh, just my luck… no matter, the stone chose you for a reason?” She said, now sounding less sure of my worth as she continued, “Never the less; listen, well boy, this gem is one of the shattered pieces of the legendary Rosetta stone!” I was a bit shocked at what she just said.

‘The Rosetta stone?’ I signed wondering if she was talking about the one discovered in 1799 by Napoleon? Staring back at me, the women merely smirked.

“Hmm, if you think I’m referring to that huge slab of political nonsense, then no. This before you is the true Rosetta stone or a piece of it, at least?” Stating the real one has yet to be discovered as I gave her a somewhat skeptical look.

“Hmm, I can understand your skepticism, but the true Rosetta stone was destroyed Centuries ago. But its shards still hold great power within them?” Saying that the stone real stone was far older than the world thinks, its total power residing in its shards. Then just as I was about to ask her what powers the stone had, she places a hand on mine, “I’m sorry, but it’s not safe to ask those questions out in the open?” She said, her eyes darting back and forth before she motions for me to grave the gem before diapering.

Doing as she asked, I graved the stone, and suddenly, everything around me went blank with the room covered in a light green glow. I start to panic, fearing I’ve gone blind, when I feel a hand place on my shoulder, “Do not fear my boy, you are safe.” She said, her hand passing over my eyes as my vision returns, “You are within the gem shard and wall here we are free from prying eyes?”

‘Who’s?’ I signed, demanding to know who was after me as her eyes dart back and her head turns facing the window.

“Hmm, the one seeking to gain the stone’s power?” She said, her eyes darting back at me as she continued, “Listen, well boy, though chosen you may be, this title does not grant you immunity? An evil man seeks to control the power of the stone fueled by the lust of his ancestors.” Saying a man’s family has been trying to get their hands on the Rosetta stone for decades. “If you choose to take on this journey, then you will be targeted by them?” Warning me the road ahead was not going to be easy if I decided to help her?

‘Just what kind of power do these shards have, and what does the stone do?’ I asked her, but she gave no response.

“I’m sorry, but there are still things I can not yet reveal.” She said, her back turned as I tilted my head, “...All I can tell you is this power could bring about a great catastrophe?” Saying it could bring the end of the world if the Rosetta stone was ever restored? Looking down at the shard in my hand, I knew whatever all this was, even if they’re a small chance, I had to help? Walking over to her, I raised my arm with my fist pumped as I told her I’m in a she looked back with a relieved smile.

“Thank you for putting her trust in me, boy.” She said before I signed my name as she corrected, “Hmm, I mean, Christopher, my name is Vivian.” She said, bowing to me as I smiled.

‘Nice to met you, Vi, but you can just call me Chris,’ Thus begin my adventurers with Vivian as we journeyed around the world in search of the shards of the Rosetta stone
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