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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2240410
A rewrite of a romantic story I wrote in 2007. I still love this story
A man comes to me in my dreams, bringing smiles and kisses that wipe away my tears.
He offers his hands to me, I except.
We slowly and gently walk together, holding hands.
Soon our hands break apart, and we reach for each other's waist, and we walk on.
He hums a sweet tune as he guides me to the river.
Once there, I see he has made us a light lunch of cheese, apples, and grapes to fill our stomachs and give us strength.
A basket of body oils is also there to rub away any aches my body may have from emotional pains in my life.

I feel refreshed and whole again, filled with love for this man who has picked me to share his healing caresses with.

I reach my hands to him, and he accepts them with such love, trust, and pure honesty that I weep at the tenderness of his gaze.
I bring him to the river; shyly, I remove his clothes, and he pulls off what's left of mine from the massage. We move into the water together. I bathe him, slowly massaging his body.
I hear a sigh come from his lips as if he has been waiting a long time for this moment. He smiles at me and invites me into his arms, knowing that I have always belonged there, and washes me in turn. We lay our bodies down into the water, letting it move over us, our eyes never leaving each other, our mouths never speaking, yet our hearts speak volumes.

When we retire to the blanket, we dry one another off with kisses.
The sun shines its approval and warms our wet naked bodies into a happy sleep dreaming about how good it will feel when we make love for eternity.
We wake up to find our arms and legs are entwined and realize it was not a dream but the reality of our beginning.
We laugh, smile, and weep tears of joy because we know that at last, we are home.

Copyright: Wendy Ann Williams Artful Photography 2020

Created: March 11th, 2007
Modified: January 13th, 2008
Redone 12/24/20
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