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How and why I review
I seldom review. When I do I try to critique the piece as if the writer is serious about their words. If not... I point that out too. I'm not here as a member of a high-school pep club.

I do want to be a cheerleader for the writer. But that includes telling writers, even my friends, that some written pieces need work... or even lots of work. I'm not beyond telling writers to just start over.

I won't give out many 5s. (4.8+)

I will give out a 4.5 (4.3-4.7)

A good written piece deserves a 4.0 (3.8-4.2)

Less than that means it needs work or rethinking. Not you... the writing.

K (as in Cory)

I've created a vulture trinket I'll give out with reviews sent and received. Because... y'know... vultures clean up the mess and good editors do the same. Reviewers? We do our best. *Bigsmile*

Pieces I've rated over 4.5:


"Glances [poem]"   [E] by Mikibits
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Where I'm From"   [E] by StarrQueen
""The Kitty Took It...Honest, Mom!""   [18+] by Jim Hall (7 yrs already? 8/27)


"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Fast Food Heaven"   [E] by Tim Chiu
"To Wait and Remember"   [ASR] by K Renée
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