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How they met, and what happened.
Santa and Anna met almost a year ago at the annual elves and volunteers convention at the North Pole estates and work shop manufacturing center. The reindeer were responsible for this meeting, it was their fault. Everything was absolutely fine and wonderful until this meeting. But when Santa was smitten by her, he focused more on doing things with Anna than taking care of the Christmas preparations.

Many days were spent away from the estate and everything was left to me to take care of even when I didn’t want this huge responsibility.

“She was so concerned about the reindeer, oh and what a line it was I’ll tell you. After that Santa couldn’t wait to adjourn the meeting. He almost threw out everyone because he was in such a hurry, really the nerve.”

“What? I have never seen Santa like that no matter what was happening, He isn’t ill is he?”

“No of course not, it’s that female dog he’s all wrapped up into these days. I’m about to quit if this doesn’t get resolved soon.”

Sure enough, there were at that time months ago when some of the elves were very upset because of Santa finding the woman of his dreams. For a while, things seemed to fall apart and some of the workers decided to take a short respite but for the most part, the season of Christmas preparation was on track and the workers were enjoying their time at the estate. There were mini parties, special lunches, and special elegant suppers provided daily. This was normal. the not so normal was Santa’s absences.

He would leave for a day or two but returned always and made himself available for whatever was needed like solving problems or figuring out how to make things better.

The malcontents, however, thought about ways to try to get rid of the interloper. Jealousy or resentment ran ramped through out several of the workers. Harold the head else decided to respond to this challenge by calling a mandatory meeting.

“Quiet please!”

After taking account of who was at this meeting by taking a roll call, it became apparent that the deserters were having nothing to do with these proceedings.

“I’ll make this quick so that y’all can spread the word ago ut what has been happening these past months. Santa and Anna are staying together. They are definitely not taking “no” for an answer. If anyone disagrees with their decision to marry and raise a family you are more than welcome to find other employment. Now, this meeting is adjured. Tell those who were not in attendance they need to have a change of heart and mind or collect their pay and move onto another occupation or job situation. Thank you very much for your support.”

Word spread quickly. Many of the elves decided to stay inspire of their feelings. After the descenders left stomping and grumbling their way out of the estate, some of the other elves finally realized their feelings weren’t steadfast. They saw that their feelings had been manipulated and they dropped their heads in disgrace and sorrow for having been taken in so readily by the few elves who were so convincing in the wrong way about the wrong reasons for rebelling.

When Santa and Anna finally arrived everything was back to normal. Several new elves and volunteers joyfully filled in to help keep the progress toward being ready for Christmas on schedule.

Santa and Anna announced later that day their intentions to marry and have a family. Everyone happily agreed.

The invitations were dispatched and the wedding plans finalized so that the rest of the season could be spent focusing on all of the Christmas activities. The love doves spent as much time together as [possible but they kept in mind the necessity of taking care of Christmas and everything required for this holiday to be a thrilling and joyous success. After all, who wants to be responsible for canceling or disappointing everyone because Christmas turned out to be a flop or was canceled because of lack of interest on the part of everyone at the north pole?

Santa and Anna surely didn’t want this to happen.

The wedding day was created so that everyone would be able to attend. After this happy event, the reception would be attended by everyone in a given timeline so that work could continue.

In shifts, the work was in full swing while the reception was well attended for three days. Each day was a day to remember and it was captured in photos and video for the archives. Everyone had a wonderful time, so much so that everyone decided this anniversary date should be celebrated by everyone.

Santa and Anna were honored each year on their anniversary by this celebration that was given priority and created with decorations, food, music, and other committees so that an amazing extravaganza happen as a three-day event and each Christmas was a guaranteed success. Everyone was joyous and thrilled with the Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. What about the twelve days of Christmas, couldn’t we celebrate this time of year for the Clauses anniversary?

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