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The old and the new find and create a different history and holiday.
Gala happens twice a year from an agent tradition of holding contests many, many years ago. The tribes delighted in testing the young people to find the very best warriors. As the generations died off much of this tradition was changed because it was either forgotten or it was decided that too many people were offended by the rigorous and thought to be brutal activities. Some other opinions that were causing things to dramatically change such as differences of point of view and beliefs about the lifestyles the trip members were investing their interests and energies into regularly. Power and opinion made the biggest effect and manifestation upon triple policies and lifestyles.

No longer was the best warriors saught. Many tribe members only wanted to enjoy themselves. Often there was grate strife because the youngest members wanted parties and games for fun instead of the traditional activities which were used to make certain everyone was healthy safe, and free to live within reason any way which seemed good to them. Many rules and regulations were changed to effect and prosper the demands of the newer generations entering the triple families.

The older and experienced population dwindled decade by decade until none of the things of old that kept everyone healthy, safe, and free were no longer practiced nor known.

Their parties and games caused great joy and happiness. Life was as good as it could get, but a few members still knew the things of the past and were vexed and very troubled. These wiser and experienced members would be willing to create a better situation while accommodating the demands of the younger members but they were seriously outnumbered.

Gala was a special day of fun and carefree adventure through video which was new and almost untested, but they didn’t care about these trifles. The food was exquisite and there was enough for many armies which suited them just fine. Drinking anything that pored meant feeling great and having their thirst quenched with the most delicious flavors. Games were played all over the place from the first second of Gala until the last second of Gale, and they wanted more, much more.

Attempts were made to create Gala week twice a year but these efforts were for the moment in vain. The plan this year was to wait until Gala day was over and then gather together to push for Gala week. After all, who wouldn’t want to have more fun, great food, and plenty of delicious drinks?

Only a few seconds of Gala was left before the gathering and demands for Gala week twice a year were to be forced upon everyone. As the excitement continued and the seconds elapsed everyone partied to their very best abilities. This precious time didn’t last nearly long enough. It is a great tradition in the making and well worth protecting and promoting, or rather enforcing by strength and determination upon those who disagree with these events. They were the enemies of the best possible future. The old ways were a waste of time. They were the ones who deserved to have this holiday party time last longer. Who were they any way to protest, they were old and they were useless.

At the last second, there was a loud noise. Strange because usually, fireworks singled the end of the best time in most members lives. Another loud sound ricochet throughout the encampment. Everyone started to disperse. Where were the old people/

After a few minutes elapsed some of the young people realized there was an invasion of the encampment and they became afraid for their safety. Fleeing toward the place where the weapons were stored they found many of them were missing. Gathering the rest of them those who decided to try to defend their home went towards the sounds of fighting.

After the fighting was over and the bodies were buried, there were only a few tribe members left. Most of them were the old useless people who knew well the history and reasons for Gala. They explained everything to the young tribe people. Because of being young and inexperienced these people deferred to the wishes of the older, wiser, and experienced members of the small remaining tribe.

Gala now is a two-week event held twice a year. Parties and games are intermingled with practicing defense using different weapons, physical skill-building, and learning how to conduct drills. There is also a willingness of the young people to keep watch for enemy attack or other invasion endeavors so that they are safe and nothing is stolen. As the generations enlarge and learn this special and precious Gala activity is now a sacred holiday.

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Create a different holiday to be celebrated in December. Explain the purpose, traditions, etc.
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