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In the life of customer service.
Working behind a register is the most stressful job. Many years have taught me that customers leave their house with the pure intent of being impossible so they may exercise the "Customer is always right" amendment of all services rendered to a customer. I work with these customers all day from five to seven days a week. They do not want a solution, they do not want help, they only want to feel as they have overruled you.
Recently I had a woman complain to me about the sun. I wish I were making this up, but I am not. She purchased an outside storage unit for her outdoor furniture. She came into my store and threatened me. "If you do not install an awning it something to keep my belongings safe from the sun, I am going to move it all to Florida." Yes, I know. Florida is less sunny than Massachusetts. At any rate, I talked her into moving her stuff to an inside storage unit and now she wanted me to honor her a discount for her troubles. I did. She won.
The worst of all is those who have been customers for years and know we close every night at six o'clock and come to line up at six o'clock. These are the ones who get the angriest, and when you stay to help them you receive warnings from the company because you are now in unauthorized overtime.
Just had to share.
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