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character sketch
Annette cut free a very tall young man who seemed just a few years past his metamorphosis. Their eyes met. The deep, almost icy blue of them snared Annette. He shoved a hank of dirty blonde hair away from his eyes. She could smell just a tantalizing hint of his healthy briaunti pheromones.

1. What does your character do when they think no one’s looking? He reads romance novels.

2. What’s the one thing your character would save in a fire (beyond the necessities)? Annette's picture

3. Who’s on speed dial? Annette, Max, Carl

4. Your character gets turned down for their dream job. What’s their second choice? Becoming a factor to impress Annette.

5. What would they tell their ten-year-old self? Don't remain with your family after your metamorphosis. It is what outs you as a family of galactics.

6. Where would they want to go on a first date? Anywhere with Annette.

7. What’s the best advice they’ve ever received? Find your own worth.

8. What’s the worst advice they’ve ever received? Stay with your family.

9. What’s one physical detail they’d change about themselves? Height, he feels too tall.

10. When was the last time they were held? By who? Annette held him after their first date.

11. What’s their favorite thing about their favorite season? Snowflakes.

12. Their wallet gets stolen. What do they do? Doesn't have a wallet doesn't need one.

13. Prioritize: Love, money, power, knowledge? Love, Knowledge, Power, Money.

14. What’s something nobody knows about them? He still has trouble tying his shoes.

15. What’s in their fridge? Leftovers, his mother cooks for an army and while the family is large, it isn't that large.

16. What (creature, object, substance) are they most disgusted by? Humans, they have everything but nine times out of ten they ruin it all.

17. What’s their second-worst habit? He sometimes picks his nose.

18. What are the victory conditions for their life? Marrying Annette and living happily ever after.

19. In the end, your character fails to save the day. Assuming they survive, what do they do? He is devastated but eventually pulls out of it and finds new love.

20. Your character is charged with a crime they didn’t commit. What do they do? Submit to judgment in confusion

21. Your character is charged with a crime they did commit. What was the crime? Murdering innocent humans.

22. What’s the 140-character version of your character’s life? He lived as an alien among humans until he rapidly matured and then he and his entire family were sentenced to death. Annette and Max rescue them and Teo falls for Annette.

23. What important statistic would they want to be displayed above them? The amount that Annette has fallen for him.

24. What’s the first thing they would buy if they won the lottery? A secure compound cut off from angry mobs.

25. What profession do they most respect? Factors.

26. What childhood injustice did they never get over? The near beheading of his whole family.

27. How would they handle having a panic attack? He would get angry.

28. Your character is burdened with an inconvenient superpower. What is it? Pyrokinesis.

29. If they died and could come back as any person, animal, or object, what would they be? A llama, kind of cool, laid back but still domesticated

30. What’s the best meal they’ve ever had? Steak, baked potato, grilled asparagus, freshly baked garlic butter biscuits.

31. Where would they stand at a dinner party? Off to the side, not quite in the conversation.

32. Who would they invite to the dinner party? His family, Annette, Carl, Max, Yllera.

33. What makes a perfect day for your character? Walking through a forest with a breeze bringing him all the fragrant smells of new growth on a spring day. Or same during a snowstorm with big heavy beautiful flakes falling.

34. If given the opportunity, would they want to know how and when they died? No

35. What’s the one thing they’ve always wanted to do? Why haven’t they done it yet? Fly

36. What do they tend to joke about? Childish things like sibling rivalries.

37. What’s off limits? The days before his family ended up on the platform for their planned executions.

38. Whose wedding would they cross the world to attend? Whose funeral? His own, Annette's

39. What impossible choice did they make that turned out to be the right one? The wrong one? Where to inter Annette's body.

40. Your character now has a hype man (or woman). What would they say to get everyone excited about your character? He is a multiversally renowned catalyst with commendations from many intergalactic empires, and he is in a relationship with Annette.

41. What recurring dream does your character have? He is strapped down into the guillotine face up watching as the blade falls to sever his head.

42. What is the meaning of life to your character? The chance to freely be yourself as long as you don't hurt anyone else.

43. If your character wrote a NaNo novel, would they be a planner, pantser, or plantser? panster

44. What book does your character pretend to have read? The Time Machine by H .G. Wells.

45. Someone takes undeserved credit for your character’s work. What do they do? He takes them aside and encourages them to reconcile the account. That failing he provides clear evidence of it being his work.

46. What controversial belief or view does your character hold? Why? Do they hide it? He believes there is no reason for the death penalty. Everyone is redeemable. He was nearly executed.

47. Your character is at a theme park. Where do they go first? merry go round

48. What’s your character’s favorite name? Annette

49. What’s the biggest compliment they’d give themselves? That he works hard and earns respect.

50. How does your character feel about bugs? They are creepy and disgusting, especially roaches which his family hovel was infested with before their arrest and near execution.

51. If your character could hit a reset button on their life, would they? Maybe.
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