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Here for your viewing pleasure, and to satisfy my problematic flair for the dramatic
The cell was dark, the kind of dark that bleeds into your mind, driving away any sanity you had left, leeching all hope from your mind. You tell yourself you can't be broken, but oh, the struggle is too much. They break your body, shatter your mind, and all that's left is an empty shell, rocking back and forth, never eating, never sleeping, until finally you just wither away. Gone. Dead. So, dear soul, know that you can be broken, and you will be broken, and soon you will belong to us. See you soon.

The above is a real letter taken from the mailbox of one Betty Higgensbee. The time of the sending of the letter was Friday, September 27, the day she was taken. Attached was a photograph of her husband, Nathan, who had gone missing a month previously.

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