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A homeless man, lunch, and some shirts
I will say this first. I don't donate in the usual way and it's spontaneous outreach for the less fortunate such as the homeless, for hungry people I have seen and hate to just pass by,

I'm aware of the resources around town and do what I can when I can. It might be guiding them to a place, usually a church who helps with a meal, money, and the necessities of life we sometimes take for granted.

Anyway , I have bought them lunch or gave them the one I had just bought. Ive paid for bus tickets, and lastly bought shirts for them.

One time I was out of town and decided to buy several shirts, but had very little money, I went to the Goodwill or was it Salvation Army? I don't remember.

Anyway, I picked out some shirts, but I didn't know what they'd cost. I asked an employee and he asked how big the guy was.

"I don't know him that well and I can't afford a lot. He's tall not skinny, not overweight." I suddenly laughed since I had basically just described at least half of the male population.

I added, "Oh and he's homeless. I noticed him sitting at the train station , staring at the ground holding a sign, which I realised later said--Homeless and Hungry. I wondered just how long it had been since he had eaten. I had passed by him, but turned around to find out what his sign said.

I bought him lunch because he was hungry. He was wearing dirty and raggedy clothes but he wasn't drunk or anything like that, nor did he approach me."

When the employee realised what I was up to his face seemed to change. I hoped I didn't say something wrong. Maybe he didn't like homeless people, or maybe he thought they were all drunkards and drug addicts.

I believe that we shouldn't judge other people as we didn't walk in this homeless man's shoes to know what's happened to him. Which came first if it was true? What I mean by that is even if he was either of those things, was it because he's down and out after being unemployed, or is it the cause of his homelessness? We just don't know.

Maybe this employee at the store thought I was foolish for doing this. I didn't care. It felt right. When I looked at him again his eyes seemed to soften, and he said, "Follow me and bring all of those shirts in your hand."

He sold me those shirts for barely anything. He spoke softly and said he was glad there was still people like me in the world.

I blushed a little, yet that made me smile and warmed my heart even more. I just felt like I could do this little thing.

I never ran into the homeless guy again , but much later I donated the shirts to a church that helps the homeless or those in need.

I also visit a blessing box a church has where you can leave things or take things. I will go again soon and bring socks or whatever else I can think of for the homeless..
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