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I do believe in ghosts and the spirit world. It is entirely up to you what you believe.
I have this urge to go hunting, ghost hunting
With camera, snacks and supplies, I want to see what's lurking

A cold dark night and an empty castle, preferably on Halloween
In the still of night, I need that fright, I call the ghosts to be seen

What was that sound? The sound that made me scared
That bump in the dark was no fake, I tell you it's what I heard

I want to see an entity, a ghost, a spirit, a ghoul
But I know it will be difficult for I am not a fool

Scare me, make me jump, come out of the shadows now
With care and time and persistance the ghosts will show me how

Deep in the night with night-vision camera, I wait for the spirit to show
No matter how scared I get tonight, the fear will always flow

So if you want to go a hunting, please just let me know
We'll scare ourselves a frightening blow, it's how the night should go.
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