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I am fed up with all the suffering people go through, and without them telling people.
In the smallest hours of the night and you are all alone
Come to me with all your problems, we'll discuss them and let them go

My arms are fully open to strangers who are lost
If you need a guiding hand, I will care the most

Life is now a struggle for people who will not admit
That the world is dark and lonely when you are feeling shit

I offer you some time, to talk and cover the pain
I feel the darkness of this life, I guess we're all the same

A problem shared is a problem halved, I'm sure it must be true
But I dedicate my time to you, I will see you through

I have those ears and wise respect and give them straight to you
Talk to me and see it through, I'll mend you with my glue

I am being honest by offering my time
But talking out your problems is a gift of hope sublime

Lean on all your friends, they are there and should be gold
If its just a helping hand you need, I'll shield from the cold

Let your fears subside, don't find a place to hide
Talk to me in confidence, we're all upon this ride

I hate to see the suffering of people who are scared
I support them with my attitude to care for the impaired

Cry upon me and I will wipe your tears
Let's talk this through and welcome future years.

I will take your worries seriously and share my honest thoughts
Don't be ashamed of a troubled life, my help will be all yours

Listen to me here and now for I am no real God
But we have each other and that's all we have got.
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