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Mom.saves her little girl twice
The big man's car stopped at the corner. He reached across in front of me and gave my mother a twenty dollar bill. Just minutes before this he had offered us a ride. But now he said, "Here. Get your baby some milk."

"She doesn't need any milk," my mother said.

"Go ahead now. She's thirsty."

Somehow I knew something was wrong by the look on my mother's face.

He saw it too. "She can stay here. She'll be safe and right here with me when you get back."

Her hand found mine. She whispered in my ear, "Hold on tight. Don't let go."

The car door jerked open, and I was dragged out, helpless as a puppet. The car lurched forward at the same time, it's door slammed into my leg. I screamed.

I stumbled and limped as I ran like I was on fire, knowing if I didn't I'd fall on my face. Somehow I found a sense of balance. I ran blindly. I couldn't see much of anything, except for my mother in front of me, and a blur of buildings as we ran past hem.

"Mommy, I can't...I can't breathe!" I gasped. My heart was thundering away inside me. Finally, after several blocks, we stopped, collapsed on a patch of grass catching our breath.

Our little red wagon, with clean clothes, was gone in that man's trunk. I wondered why he took off with our clothes, why my mother was upset, and what we would do without them. At least he disappeared and was gone.

I looked up. Our home wasn't far away now, but we still had to cross the big street. I looked both ways. No cars. We stepped of the curb to cross the street. I let go of Momma's hand and darted ahead anxious to get to the other side and wait for her. We were halfway across already.

A loud sound in the not so far distance got louder. The car' roaring engine sounded angry. It was getting even closer by the second.

I turned my head in that direction, but before I could see clearly, my mother grabbed my arm and yanked me backward. The smoky wind swirled through my hair and the smell of exhaust fumes almost made me choke as the approaching car was upon us, and then shot past us.

We got across safely and walked several more blocks to get home.

Years later, I realised my mother saved my life twice in one day. A little girl knows nothing about what dangers lay waiting, or the workings of people with bad motives.

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