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The girl receives an heirloom mirror and her life changes forever.
It feels like yesterday when I turned 16, and it turned my entire life upside down. Not realizing it until it was too late, but my family was hiding a big secret. We’re called the seekers and were from an ancient line who have the power to change things before they happen.

Growing up, everything was normal, mostly. Then, a month before my 16th Birthday, mirrors did strange things. They wouldn’t focus, or I would see something else besides my surroundings in them. I became fearful and avoided them at all costs.

On my birthday, I received the most significant gift in the world—the family heirloom, which is a mirror. I’m to use this mirror only for good. I still don’t fully understand what that means, but hopefully, soon, I’ll know more.

Now I’m more confused. I’m in my teens and stuck with a mirror I’m frightened of. My mother says that it will all come to me with time. So do I stare at it, waiting for it to show me something? She said it would tell me. So I sit and wait.

Hours pass with nothing new. Now my eyes and head were killing me. It’s getting late, and I have school tomorrow, so I put the creepy mirror in a safe place under my bed, and I head to sleep. I wish someone would have warned me about the nightmare that would invade my dream tonight.

I’m awoken by a whisper of someone saying my name. “

Sarah, are you there? We need your help, Sarah.”

I listen more intently to see where it’s coming from, but it stopped. I go to roll over, and the whispers return.

“Down here, Sarah, under the bed.”

More frightened, I realize it must be the mirror calling out to me. Dare I look under the bed? I’m old enough to know that the boogeyman isn’t real, but what about talking mirrors? Oh, shit! Maybe I shouldn’t look just in case.

“Sarah, we won’t hurt you, we promise.” Sang the whispers.

Silent and afraid of what might happen, the room closing in around me. I’ve lost my voice, so I can’t scream. What is happening? The blankets get tighter around me, unable to breathe. The room is going black. Someone save me, please!

Sarah, Sarah honey, wake up, you’re having a nightmare! Says Mom urgently.

I finally find my way out of the blackness of the dream into my mother’s loving arms.

Once I calmed down enough. I tell my mother what happened with it, call my name, and the creepy way it spoke.

“Sarah, the mirror on its own isn’t powerful. It will not call you like that. It’s not evil. This was something trying to trick you into fearing it so it can control you. You’re the power, and with the mirror, you can stop anything evil in its path. You have to believe in yourself.”

“Thanks, mom.”

“Sweet dreams, my child. Remember, your in control, not them.”

Rolling over to fall back asleep, the whispers return, and this time more demanding.

“Come on, cry, baby! You can’t do it, can you? Come on down; we won’t hurt you just like your mommy said.”

“Fine, I’m in charge!” I say.

I throw the covers off, and my feet hit the floor. I kneel to come face to face with the thing, but I see nothing. I search everywhere, but I find nothing out of place. My mirror is still safe where I left it.

“Where did you go, coward?” I say.

The room is empty, and I’m alone.


It wasn’t until the following day that I had the chance to try connecting with the mirror. Sitting on the floor next to my bed, I gently remove the mirror from its hiding place.
“What does this all mean? What am I suppose to do with you?”
Suddenly, a flash of light appears in front of me. Once my eyes focus, I notice a long-haired black cat with emerald eyes beside me.
“What was that, and how did you get in here, little buddy?”
“Well, my name is Alley, I’m a girl, and I teleported from the mirror. Isn’t that what all magical things do?”
With my mouth open, my mind racing, I was in shock at what I just heard.
“A talking cat? Came out of the mirror? What is going on?”
“Okay, Alley? How does a cat talk?”
“I’m a spirit guide, dear, in the shape of a cat. I’m here to help you on your journey of good and evil. Do you know how special your mission is?”
“No, I have no idea what I’m doing. I received the mirror yesterday, and weird things happened last night with the voices.”
“Alright, I guess we’ll start from the beginning.”
Alley explained that what I heard, “the voices,” were evil spirits from this world trying to kidnap me to do their wrongdoings. Luckily, my mother woke me before anything happened.
My job is to stop the evildoers before they can even start. That’s where the mirror comes in. With Alley's help, I can look into the mirror like a psychic does to a crystal ball. It will show me bad events that need to be stopped.
“How can I stop something here? I’m only 16.”
“Oh, shoot! I forgot. It’s not in your world but the dream world. You can travel to places needing help and change it from happening.”
“Wow, how can I do that?” I say
“Easy, you can control your dreams.”
She continues to say that there are seekers worldwide, but they are born into unknowing families until they turn 16. The mirror shows up, and the journey begins.
“Your mother didn’t know what was happening, just that she needed to keep you and the mirror safe from evil.”
Suddenly, the mirror starts to glow.
“That’s the sign, dear. Look upon the mirror, and it will show you the mission.”
What happens next was genuinely frightening.

I find myself in a room that is unknown to me. Colors of pinks and reds surround every corner. I must be in someone’s room. Looking outside, it’s pitch black; the wind has picked up and looks like it’s going to rain any second.
I hear footsteps nearing the door, and I try to hide. I’m too late as the door opens as a young girl enters but is unaware of my presence. It is nighttime.
"Alison! Calls what could only be the child’s mother."
“Please, mother, can I stay up a bit later?”
“No, you need to get your beauty sleep, honey. Remember, nothing bad is going to happen to you. It’s all in your imagination. Said the mother.”
Tucking the young girl in, her mother turns off the lights, and the room goes black. I can’t see anything for a minute, but I can hear the same voices from my nightmares.
“Little girl, are you there? Can you come down to see me? I need your help. It’s Sally, your dolly. She isn’t feeling well and needs your help.”
With her doll in trouble, she jumps out of bed and looks under the bed. Not soon after, all I can hear is a struggle and see her body pulled under the bed. I rush to the side and peer under. She is gone, disappeared.

“Sarah, Sarah, are you okay? Says Alley with as much concern as a cat can present.”
“I saw this child pulled under her bed a vanish into thin air. What does that mean?”
“They must be targeting the seekers before they come to age, but how do they know? Questioned Alley.
“I don’t know how, but I have to be there tonight to stop this, or that poor child will suffer.
“Now that you’ve connected with the mirror, it will show you once you’re in dreamland. Just follow the clues and look for the signs.”

That evening, as I ready myself for the unknown, Alley reminds me I’m in control. Nothing terrible will happen as long as I remember that I’m there to protect the young girl from the evil in her dream. As long as I follow the signs, I’ll be fine. I hope Alley is right because I have a bad feeling about this.

I find myself in my bed. Everything appears the same, but now I can tell this is dreamland. I jump out of bed and kneel to retrieve the mirror I’m happy is still in its hiding place. It glows, and I suddenly feel like I’m being sucked in through it.

I find myself with the mirror in hand, back in the bedroom of the little girl. The dream plays out like in the vision, and once the lights are out, I jump into action.

“I’m sorry to scare you, but I’m here to protect you,” I say to the child.

Startled, her eyes grow as big as saucers, and I can feel that she will scream. I don’t know what to say or do, so she won’t attract attention until I can explain.

“I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to stop the evildoers from kidnapping you to do their bidding.”

“You see and hear them too. The girl seems happy and more relaxed. “They try every night, but I tell them to go away. My mother doesn’t believe me, so I feel so alone.”

“You’re not alone, I tell her, and that’s when I finally hear it. The voices are back.”

“Little girl, are you there? Can you come down to see me? I need your help. It’s Sally, your dolly. She isn’t feeling well and needs your help.”

I stop the child in her tracks.

“It’s a trick, I tell her. It’s them again. I’ll deal with them.”

I kneel to come face to face with the evil creature that has tortured us in the past. All I can see is a black mist.

“You’re not welcome here, evil creature, and you must leave here and never come back to this home. You’re not to touch this child.” She is innocent and part of good and light.”

With that said, the mist disappears, and the room becomes lighter.

“Thank you so much for helping me. What happens if the evildoers come back?”

“All you have to do is tell them to leave and that they don’t belong here. If it gets bad, just call out my name in your dream, and I’ll come.”

“What’s your name, my angel?”

“Sarah and you?”


Suddenly, I’m awake in my bed again, this time for real since Alley is there to welcome me back.

“The mirror stopped glowing, so you must stop the kidnapping?”

“Yes, the poor child has been dealing with the voices for some time. She was lucky that she was so strong. They finally found her weakness with the doll, so I could make the mist go away.”

“That’s outstanding, Sarah. Good job.”

“Pleased, I say goodnight to Alley, and I head back into dreamland.”
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