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by Linz
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Two boys and a game of "I dare you!". What could possibly go wrong?
The two boys leaned forward on the handlebars of their bikes at the top of a hill, shielding their eyes from the light of the rising sun as they stared into the crater. A black, cylindrical object lay at the bottom of it.
"Go down and touch it," said Kristopher, the first boy. "I dare you!"
Joe glanced sidelong at him. "You first."
"Am not!"
"Prove it then!"
"After you."
"See? You are Chicken." Kristopher dumped his bike, tucked his hands under his armpits and strutted about in a circle, making the sounds of a chicken.
Joe straightened up and folded his arms. "Alright then. I will." He peddled down the gentle valley slope towards the massive hole in the ground.

When he reached the edge, he peered down, then looked back up to Kristopher. "I can't get down," he called. "It's too steep." He pushed the bike back up and rejoined his friend.
"I have a rope," said Kristopher.
Joe blinked. "Where did you get that?"
Kristopher shrugged. "Found it."
"In that case, you touch it."
"Okay then, I will," replied Kristopher. "Watch this."

With that, he retraced Joe's path down the crater, his friend close behind him. At the edge, he handed one end of the rope to Joe.
"Don't let go."
"I won't," Joe promised.

Kristopher abseiled down the side of the crater and laid a hand on the structure. He turned and beamed at his friend. "See? Nothing to it," he said as he reached Joe's side once again. "Your turn."

Emboldened, Joe copied Kristopher and abseiled down the crater. He was vaporised as soon as he touched the object.

Carl found Kristopher standing at the top of a hill, staring down at a black object below.
"Touch it. I dare you!" Kristopher said.
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