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Every morning I make my way to the front door to retrieve the newspaper on the step for my morning routine. But for the last week, it’s been missing. I called the newspaper company, and they insisted that they are dropping off with no change to the paper carrier or location: same person, same place. I’m tired of someone messing with me. So, I went, and I got a doorbell camera to catch who or what is doing it. I’m proud that I set it up by myself and did a test, and all is working. That night I go to bed and sleep like a baby, thinking it will solve my problems.

The next morning, I check the footage. And what I found was unimaginable. It was me! I’m the only one in the frame taking the paper and throwing it over my neighbor’s fence. No wonder I didn’t see it. Unknown to me, I also sleepwalk. Where else have I gone or done up to this point?

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