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A Halloween time poem
Deep in the depth of consciousness
I tremble in fear
The darkness is palpable
I feel it, taste it, smell it
Even if I don’t see.
I grope around
Searching for a way out
All I hear is silence
I barely feel it before I see it
The owl’s wings touching my cheek as it flies by
I duck and drop to the ground with my face in the mud
Then I hear the sound of the hoofs
I look up to see the horseman
I roll over, barely missing the hoofs
My body weakened
I continue on, I have to get out of this nightmare
I hear the cackles and screams
I put my hands over my ears
The sound raises the hairs on my neck
I run like crazy
I can’t be caught
I stumble and fall
Into my neighborhood, out of a nightmare
Only to find the visions of trick or treaters.
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