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A small misunderstanding can ruin your life.
Pearl went to the market one day. As she was leaving, she saw her husband with a young lady who was almost around her age. "Hang on! That's Ryan! With another woman. What the heck is going on?" she shouted within.

Her sister had always told her to keep an eye on her husband, but till now she had never taken her advice seriously. She went back home without saying a word. Reaching home, she saw that Ryan was already there. She was feeling the heat of anger on her face. She first hesitated but then gathered some courage to ask about that young lady at the market.

Ryan replied calmly, "Honey, haven't I introduced you my new assistant Myra? Myra Bell." Hearing this, Pearl sighed.

The next day her sister, Jane, called her saying, "Umm...dear I firstly didn't believe this and thought as inappropriate to tell you but as you are very dear to me, I cannot remain silent. Take a seat first. Listen calmly and just think carefully upon it."

"What's the matter Jane? Is it something bad?"

"It is like this...I went to a mall today and there I saw Ryan...maybe I confused that man with our Ryan but he looked very similar. I...I..."

"Tell me fast Jane. What's the matter? What did you see?" Pearl interrupted.

"I saw him with a young beautiful lady, shopping together. At first I thought it was you but when she turned towards me, I realized."

"Oh no no no! You are confused. He really must not be Ryan. He always go straight to his cabinet and returns straight back to home. Don't try to speak ill about him."

"I am just reminding you to take care as men nowadays aren't faithful enough.", Jane added.

"Please keep the phone now. I am not in a mood to talk to you today.", saying this Pearl threw the phone on the bed.

Pearl's face turned crimson red, she clenched her fists and punched on a wall angrily, hearing this on her birthday. The same night her husband came late and drunk. He came back with Myra. Seeing all this infuriated Pearl. She took out a gun from the drawer and shot her husband five times in heart. She was so angry that she could have shot Myra too if she had not already gone.

The next morning her sister called her again and spoke: " Oh dear, I am really sorry for telling you the wrong thing. I got to know that the lady with Ryan yesterday is working with him in his office and was helping him to buy a dress for your birthday . After that some of his friends insisted Ryan to have drinks with them so he became really drunk. On his way back, she met him so she offered him a ride to his home. Oh! He must have planned something special for you. How was your day? Did you like that present ?"
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