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by Vanden
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Mark soon will learn that Hell has many forms even in your own home.
Mark rubbed his eyes as he began to rise from his long slumber. Realizing that his entire world had gone dark and unable to remember what happened before he fell asleep, all he knew was he was covered by something soft and heavy. He pushed against it, realizing that it was fabric similar to the shirt that he wore last night. It was a lot heavier than he thought. The ground was a bit rough too. Suddenly, he heard a noise coming off in the distance. Each time he heard it, it sound like a tree hitting the ground, and it was getting closer.

What Mark was not aware of was the fact that this was the sound of his mother walking down the hallway, like she did every morning. Today was chore day: her favorite day of the week. She passed Mark’s room, but stopped when the pile of clothes on her son’s floor caught her eye.

Every day, she had to tell her son to pick up his clothes and put them in the hamper. Mom walked through her son’s doorway, kicking aside garbage. She held her nose and frowned.

"Why can't this boy ever clean up after himself? I mean, this place looks like a pigsty. I guess I'll just have to start cleaning here after I throw these clothes in the washer."

Mark began to realize what happened to him; he had been shrunken to about an inch tall. Nobody knew, not even his now-massive mother, who was about to mistake him for another stain on his dirty laundry. He tried and wiggle his way out of the giant tunnel of cloth before anything bad could happen to him.

He then felt the floor shake once again. His colossal mother bent down to collect his clothes. the cloth prison became tighter and heavier as he felt his mother's arms wrap around the pile. She lifted him up. Her massive breasts laid on top of the pile of clothes, bouncing as she began to walk out of his room. Mark began to crawl, once again trying to get out from under the massive weight, knowing that if he didn't he would surely be crushed in the washing machine. Unaware of what direction he was going in, all he knew was that he had to get out and get help before it was too late.

Jennifer, Mark’s Mom, felt a tiny bump in the clothing. She thought it was just a tiny piece of candy stuck to her son's shirt that would be washed away with the wash cycle. She continued walking, not noticing the empty cheese curls jar on the floor in her way. As her foot hit it, she slipped and dropped the pile of clothes onto the hardwood floor in the hallway before crashing down breast first into the floor.

As she slowly began to get up, Jennifer felt a sharp pain in her knee. Knowing that she must have landed on it wrong, she got to her feet and kicked the jar across the room, mad at her son for making his room into a massive safety hazard. She walked out, watching the floor as to not trip on another one of her son's death traps, and slammed the door behind. She bent down grabbing the pile of clothes, but what she thought was a piece of candy stuck to her son’s shirt now slipped in between her massive breasts.

Mark felt dizzy. He was very confused as he looked at his surroundings. Seeing that he was surrounded by something big and white, he also took note that there was light coming from above him. He looked up to the biggest surprise of his life. What he could see was his mother's billboard-sized chin looming over him. He was stuck between his mother's double-D breasts and, judging by her face, she was not in a good mood. At this point, he could only imagine why. All he truly knew was that he has to get free and get her attention before anything else happened to him.

He then felt his prison move, and the scenery began to move closer and closer. At his height, the slightest fall could end his life instantly. He planted his hands on those nice creamy mounds, doing his best to keep from slipping through the gap.

Jennifer could feel the slightest movement in her bosom, but she dismissed it as a piece of dust from her son’s dirty floor—nothing worth her time. She walked down the hall, her breast bouncing within her ratty old Green Day top as she made her way to the laundry room, ready to toss the clothes that she held tightly against her bust. She opened the door, taking a deep breath and inhaling the scent of detergent and clean clothes, noticing how it was so much cleaner than her son’s room. She waltzed over to the shiny technological marvel that stood before her, bending down and pulling open the door and tossing the pile of clothes, slamming it shut quickly after, and sending quakes throughout her body.

She rubbed the top of the washing machine, thinking of how much pleasure it had given her. Her pussy was quaking at the thought. It sent shivers through her spine, making her entire body shake with anticipation as she got down on her knees and kissed her mechanical lover. She then got back up, ready to clean her mess of a house. She grabbed her supplies and, before leaving, she turned her head back, giving the machine a little wink and then walking out, closing the door behind her with a pair of wet panties.

After watching this, Mark could feel a bit of vomit well up in his throat. He was disgusted with his mother’s very sexual actions towards the thing that washes their clothes, but he also felt a bit jealous because the machine received more love then his mother ever showed towards him. He swallowed before noticing the small pool of sweat that was gathering around him from the lack of air conditioning in the house. Knowing that this might be a bad thing, he quickly looked for something sturdy to hold onto, but he couldn’t find a thing. He felt his legs begin to move against his will as they brushed against the slippery surface, this mixed with the motions of his mothers breasts caused the sweat to bounce up and soak him, making his body slick and shiny.

Mark realized how hard it was getting to keep himself from slipping down into his mother’s cleavage. His arms were getting tired. His naked body began to fall, sliding down his mother’s massive mounds, feeling the weight of the breast on both sides threatening to crush him if Jennifer squeezed too hard. Despite his position, he did not slip between her boobs. In fact, Mark fell into the bottom of his mother’s tight brassier. Jennifer loved to wear garments that showed off her assets. While he was somewhat safe, he also knew that his mother’s massive tits could also end up suffocating him. However, that wasn’t his biggest problem.

Without him noticing, his body began to shrink once again. Mark tried to get to his feet. The warm fabric below barely give way to his weight, he then began to walk towards the gargantuan mountains, looking up at one of his mother’s nipples as it hung menacingly above him, hard from his mother’s erotic foreplay.

Jennifer suddenly realized as she walked back to her son’s room, that the tiny bump in her breasts had completely disappeared, thinking that it must have fallen out at some point as if it was a crumb. She would definitely have to get it later with her trusty vacuum. For now, the only thing she needed to worry about was cleaning that mess of a room once and for all. Stepping into the doorway, she put down her things. She then picked up all the chip bags and candy wrappers, her nipples rubbing against her bra as she moved. She dumped the contents into the trash can, going back and dumping in more until the trash was filled with all her son’s trash. She then grabbed the sides of the bag and yanked it out of the can, quickly tying up the bag before anything could fall out. Doing this caused her breasts to slightly jiggle. She then deposited the small bag into the trash can. She walked back to the room and grabbed a roll of black garbage bags unraveling one and swiftly, shaking out a big bag for any trash she sweeps up, she then placed the bag down onto her sons bed and grabbed her broom and dust pan, beginning to sweep the floor, swaying her hips with each motion.

While this is going on, Mark could feel his world shaking with every bounce of his mom’s tits. He was periodically flung around inside her bra, against the cups and onto her nipples. The massive structures were jiggling and shaking his body like roller coaster. He could do nothing but hang on tight to the large opening, trying his best not to let go until his mother stopped moving, but luck wasn’t on his side.

It was apparent that his mother wasn’t going to notice him, so he began to climb up, digging his nails into his mother’s pores, trying not to fall as he made his way to the top of the nipples. Looking back, he realized how small he really was, compared to the world around him. He reached for the next pores, pulling himself to fast, causing himself to lose his grip, setting his body tumbling down the bounce skin, he then hit the bottom of the bra once again but this time he began to roll down to the underside of his mother titty, falling into a small hole hidden below. This sent him into a freefall down her stomach, slamming into her navel. This pushed him away and continued his descent before he fell past the tight waistband of his mother’s panties. He finally stopped, landing on his mother’s clitoris, before rolling off and falling into the small wet spot that formed before. His mother’s juice mixed with the sweat that covered his body.

As his world stopped spinning, he looked up to see one of the scariest sights any child would ever see, his own mother’s massive, pulsing, pink pussy, moving almost as if it was a monster waiting to consume him whole. He screamed, knowing that this might just be the last thing he saw before he died. He began to crawl backwards trying to get as close to the front as possible, forgetting about the quickly drying juices that surrounded him. He suddenly fell backwards into a bigger puddle, of his mother's pussy juice, noticing that it was getting hard to swim in the thick, slimy liquid as it slowly started to dry from the heat coming off his mother's wet lips. The goo enveloped his body and caused him to stick to the bottom of his mother's panties, his white skin blending in with the peach and white colored strips.

As she was cleaning, Jennifer felt a small tingle in her crotch. Unaware that this was from her now tiny son rolling off her clit, the feeling sent shivers down her spine. Wishing that the feeling hadn’t ended so quickly, she quickened her pace. She planned to cleaning the rest of the house tomorrow. For now, it was time for her to have some fun. She giggled like a schoolgirl, feeling giddy at the fun she was about to have. Her panties became wet once again, drenching and drowning her son with her lover's nectar.

She turned to the washing machine with hungry eyes. She heard the alarm sounding from the machine as her son's clothes finished, then walked towards the machine, pulling the lid up to reveal the soaked clothes stuck to the sides of the cylinder. She reached in and pulled the clothes out, moving over to the dryer and opening the door. She threw the clothes inside with a few dryer sheets before slamming it shut and turning it on. She looked around for the other basket of clothes that she left in here last night, wanting to clean them while she had her fun. She grabbed the basket and threw the clothes into the machine. Jennifer closed the door and turned the machine on. She watched as the machine shook like a beast getting ready to attack, and then she moved her hands down to her pajama pants, pulling them down until they began to fall down to her feet. She kicked them off to the side. Jennifer moved to her top, pulling it over her head and throwing it aside like her pants. Now, she was standing there, half naked. She moved her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor, her breast bouncing out, now hanging freely for the world to see, her nipples hard as rocks.

She reached for her panties, slipping her fingers into the waistband, pulling them down her legs, and pulling each foot out of the leg holes, she then picked them up and gave them a little sniff, taking in her own intoxicating musk. She even gave the crotch of her panties a little lick, tasting the dry juices. She then tossed them into the nearby basket. Jennifer walked back towards the washing machine and placed her hands on the top, pushing herself up she climbed her body onto the top of the machine. She squeaked a bit as she felt her body vibrate with pleasure.

What Jennifer didn’t know was that when she licked the crotch of her panties, she caused the juices that were holding Mark in place to weaken and, when they fell into the basket, this launched Mark out of the crotch and into one of the leg holes. Mark shook his head trying to get his bearings before hearing a loud noise. He then turned to see one of the most terrifying sights ever.

As he looked up, he could see his mother in all her naked glory, straddling their washing machine. This grossed him out so much that he puked onto the white floor of the basket, wiping his mouth with his arm. He turned back around and began to run through the cotton fabric, trying to get the image of his mother out of his head. He then reached the big white wall of the basket noticing that there was a hole near the bottom that he could crawl through. He got down on his hands and knees and began to crawl, being careful not to get cut by the sharp plastic of the hole. As he made his way out he could hear the door to the room creak open and the sound of a cats meow but a 100 times louder than normal.

This sent a chills up his spine. His family owned a cat named Fluffy, but this cat was anything but. Every time he walked into the room, Mark could feel Fluffy’s cold gaze on him, as if she was constantly planning his murder. Now he wondered what she would do now that he was the size of an ant. Would she eat him or just crush him under her massive paws without a second thought, or would she just torture him for a while, basking in his screams?

He didn’t want to find out. As soon as he got through the hole, he ran as fast as he could to the nearest hiding spot, which was behind the massive washing machine that his mother was straddling. Fluffy noticed this and stalked towards the small creature that had invaded her home without her permission, knowing that her owner was too busy to take care of it. She would have to do all the work.

Mark looked back to the sight of this massive furry creature making its way towards him. He tripped on his own feet, sending himself crashing to the ground face first and giving Fluffy a chance to catch up. Now, since Mark was so small, Fluffy couldn’t tell if he was a bug or a person, so she decide that she’d find out later, crawling over to him, then sniffing at his naked body before opening her massive jaws to accept this weirdly shaped creature into her mouth.

Mark was terrified. He felt his body get lapped up by her sandpaper like tongue, enveloped in the scent of cheap cat food, he was terrified that she might eat him, but this was not to be his fate. Fluffy closed her jaw, holding Mark inside and began to make her way out of the room, looking back at her owner as she cried out in pleasure, she then turned her head back to the door and walked out. She then made her way to her small cat bed and spat out Mark onto it, looking down at him, giving him a look that would scare anyone. She then proceeded to lay down for a nap, figuring that she would figure out what this thing was later.

Her body hit the bed, covering Marks only escape with her tail before yawning loudly and closing her eyes, certain that there was now way Mark would ever escape.

Mark looked up at this massive creature, horrified at why she might have brought him to her bed. He knew that any sudden movement would wake her up. He decide to give up there and then, praying that maybe his mother would find him before anything bad could happen. Deep down he knew that this was a long shot, as the sound of his mother moaning in the other room fill the entire house.

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