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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sports · #2242592
Competition on and off the course.
A sign over the Club House entrance reads "Welcome Women's PGA - Saturday Children's House Fundraising Tournament".

Jane smiles as she enters. These one day fundraisers are a break from the tour grind. Plus the pre-tournament dinner can be a good place to meet local guys. As long as she doesn't have to compete with Barbara, like she does on the course.

"Hi, I'm Jack, the organizing chair for this weekend," a smiling good looking prospect says. "And you are..."

"Jane," comes the reply with an equal smile. This could be a good weekend. The next few minutes are pure fun.

Then, wouldn't you know. Barbara swoops in dressed in a blouse cut down to "there". Jane hardly gets a word in the rest of the evening. Their competition resumes the next morning.

Saturday dawns sunny; little wind; perfect golfing weather.

Barbara smashes her drive off the first tee. Jane manages a towering shot, but it takes a banana shaped hook, toward, toward....

Right through a large window on one of the condos lining the course. Jane runs over to tell the owner that she'll come back right after the tournament. The owner is still in his PJ's, but Jane doesn't mind. Doesn't look like the window will be a problem.

Jane and Barbara swap the lead multiple times. Tied coming to the 18th. Both on the green in 3.

Barbara's closer; putts first. Lags it up short; an easy tap in for par. The crowd is thinking extra holes.

But, Jane goes for the long putt, and....

Jack is happy to host Jane at the head table for the award dinner. As he hands her the winning trophy, he whispers, "later, we can discuss fixing my broken window."

Judging from the smiles they both have, that won't be a problem.
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