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A journey by car to other locales.
My most recent adventure was when I chose to travel to So. California to visit an ill sister needing assistance, and then to Arizona by car.

Along the way the journey was visually beautiful and memorable.

The desert stretched out before me, and the backdrop of distant mountains added contrast to the landscape.

Part of the way was hindered by traffic congestion through heavily populated desert communities. Rather than move what seemed inches in bumper to bumper traffic, I chose to make use of the time spent there by exiting the highway and shopping at the Super Walmart.

After purchasing two light blankets and a few supplies, I found one of the chain of truck stops to gas up and use the restrooms. We rested that night at one of the truck stops and then continued on our journey.

After a few setbacks, motel reservation wasn't available yet, we were finally able to check in to the local motel to rest up.

MFinally we were able to meet up with family we had t met or hadn't seen hadn't seen in years. We chatted and ate pizza together.. All too soon it was time to go back to the motel. We returned the next day to visit a little more. All too soon it was time to go home and take care of things there.

On the way home, on a very long stretch of highway, I became tired and tried to nap or at least close my eyes at a roadside rest.

I knew I probably wouldn't sleep anyway, so finally I just opened my eyes. I watched the coming and goings of the rest stop, but right in front of me was a little bird. Later I realized it was the resident roadrunner if the rest area. I was surprised at how little they are. I watched it's tail rise like a flag. It flitted around, it's little legs going a mile a minute from one side of the area to the other. I lingered there fascinated by it's energy and curiosity.

I was amazed to know it not only survived in an often harsh climate of extreme heat or cold, but also thrived.

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