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"My Anchor in Times of the Storm."

“My Anchor in Times of the Storm." has for many years helped me through life challenges that I thought of as problems before my understanding matured into belief, faith, and trust in God. My change of attitude as I grew in my walk and friendship with Him has been a very precious gift. Thinking back to these times reminds me of the bumps, snags, and perils that from which He protected me. I can smile now because I see and know that God does not start something and then abandon the project. Yes, I am a project or rather His child and he will not abandon me.

These truths along with the scriptures keep me focused. I am not afraid for we are told to not be afraid because with God for me, who can be against me. I fear not, I worry not, I am at peace, and I also am strong enough to endure till the end of time as well as to the end of the challenges during the pandemic.

Staying at home is no problem because it is my lifestyle except for the rare occasions when I had transportation to go somewhere. I do not drive and never have, but I can and do at times drive people crazy, I’m good at it. God has blessed me with a sense of adventure and humor, I’m fine.

I know and trust He will take care of me no matter what happens. If this means calling me home to heaven I’m ok with that and this too is part of Him taking care of me. With God for me nothing and nobody can be against me.

I trust Him to take care of this country which is a great blessing. He knows the end from the beginning and is ultimately in charge. He knows better than I/humans. His ways are higher than ours. In God I believe and trust. God is my strength and my support during all times of rejoicing and of troubles. I trust Him completely for He is everywhere and with me always. He helps me through each day no matter the situation. I am not afraid of COVID or any other malady that may come for God is good all the time and I am His chile forever. I will dwell with Him in heaven that is what I believe and hold onto the most during trying times of all kinds including the pandemic year of 2020.

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