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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Thriller/Suspense · #2243184
The Anthro Activity Anteroom
We didn't gather together by accident. It was a divine plan because the war had begun and it was necessary for the people on this side to set away in battle against the enemy. Our enemy was brilliant, cunning, and well situated in their environment and fighting abilities.

We had little experience in this game platform. Yes, we were trapped in a game that at first appeared to be part of an amusement park facility. How amusing for us to walk right into this trap without any ideas about what lay ahead except we were going to have fun and enjoy ourselves, this was going to be a great party.

We weren't stupid. Our training was thorough and we had experience ferreting out traps in all kinds of environments on many different planets, but this...well, we simply didn't see it for what it was. It seemed to us to be perfectly and exactly what it was an amusement park. Things however were not as they seemed.

Getting sucked in by the computer program an ingeniously created bit of software, and amazing real-life virtual reality, and having everything and every creature and people exactly as they should be drew us inside like metal to an electric magnet before we even had time to blink.

Come to think of it, we had two enemies. The computer and software program that trapped us inside the game and the game that trapped us into a fight to the death. This virtual world was like our own and this may be to our advantage. Fortunately one of our party is a super duper genius computer programmer who has had almost a lifetime of programing experience. He started learning about computers and programming as soon as he was able to use a computer keyboard. His brilliant father taught him all he knew about computers and programming and then when he had learned all of this from his father, he went to other experts and added more knowledge to his benefit and abilities for dealing with computers and programing.

Some of our other team members and friends were superiorly skilled at other related endeavors as well as in military operations and defense. We were a small company but highly skilled and adaptable. We were quick learners. Also, we believed we could prevail against the computer, program, game and the characters inside the game who are committed to battle and eliminating us completely.

Gorilla fighting and other forms which are adaptable within this environment would be to our benefit as well as knowledge of everything we could gather about the areas. A few of use went out to gather every bit of intelligence we could green. Others went to work making our weapons superior to those of the opposing forces. Some of our company stood watch as others fabricated software instructions and other tools for future use in this battle.

When everything had been completed and we were in view of the opposing forces it was evident that we would need to coordinate our efforts against the computer, software, and elements and creatures in this game.

We assumed that all safety's were turned off and that if you were hit by any weapons be it lasers or worse, you would be killed or so badly wounded that you would die a horrible and excruciating demise.

Placing explosives and other surprises, creating traps, and finding secure and advantageous places to hide, we waited for the battle to begin. The opposing army crept toward our position seeking to utterly abolish us and our way of life. As they got closer, we decided to try to reason with them because both factions were equally trapped by the computer and software.

Their first response was to try to incinerate our hiding places which were clustered in the mountains giving us the high ground and the advantage. We kept communicating with them as we drew further back from the edge of our strong and fortified position.

After hours of them trying to drive us out or completely incinerate us, they finally stopped to listen and to read what what we told them. Having attached messages to rock and lobbed them downward in their direction, and allowing them to gather these rocks without incident, they wakeup to the fact that we perhaps may not be what they thought and things may not be as they seem.

After several moments this intimidating army raised a white something and we and they slowly approached each other. Gradually each man dropped weapons and gear. Soon we were face to face. After a few more words all of us decided to unite together to find a way to escape the clutches of the computer and software program.

It was time for everyone to put away their differences and work together toward a common goal of being free. Discovering all of us had much in common and that we lived in similar cultures it didn't take long for use to become friends and start working tirelessly to put together a battle plan and escape plan that the computer and software program wouldn't understand.

It was a gaming computer. It also was able to reason and learn from experience. Viruses still existed and sometimes new ones were invented but most of the time these things were not used for any reason.

Outsmarting the electronics and software at the sometime was a necessity and reading a virus to slip into the program that would confuse the through processes of the computer and distract the game in progress had to work together simultaneously. We also needed to be able to disconnect vital components at this time and be ready to jump onto the platform of reality while all of this stuff was in progress. Before engaging this sequence of events we also had to ascertain if there were any more traps or other software events that would sabotage our efforts to escape.

Not aware of the amount of time that had passed since our jailer locked us into this sequence of programmed events, it was finally time to set things in motion. We knew for certain that we had done everything possible, had not found any possible alternative surprises and had written the best code to make our escape something worth trying. There were no guarantees and if we failed we would parish horribly in this electronic nightmare.

It was time to get out of here After praying we took deep breaths and started things in motion. Freedom or destruction we would know this answer soon.

Word count: 1096

6232 characters, 1096 words. Readability level: 11-12th grade student.

PROMPT: A story of a D&D party, that has to do some kind of job. This could be a group of friends helping out another. This could be a group of random folks brought together by chance (probably because they all met at a tavern). This could be a group of enemies who have to work together to defeat a bigger enemy. Or, they could be something I haven't thought of.
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