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assignment 6 for building sensuality.
Annette was in Teo’s arms, causing trouble with him getting the keycard into the slot of the hotel room door. She had a lace-trimmed tiara, and he wore a t-shirt with a tuxedo front printed on it. When she suggested they elope, she hadn’t expected him to take her at her word.

They stood before a fake Elvis dressed as they were before Annette could think of possible consequences. Of course, Refuge would still expect an official state ceremony, but this wasn’t for Refuge, this was for them. Annette pulled away from Teo’s hungry lips long enough for him to push the key card in and pull it back out.

Annette turned the handle, and they opened the door with the pressure of their bodies. Annette caressed Teo’s abs beneath the thin t-shirt. He let the door swing closed behind them and flipped on the room’s lights, “So, you’ve been risking your health to save the world?”

“To save all of them,” Annette pulled away. He had soured the moment.

“I suppose I could have brought this up at a better time,” Teo stated, running his hands through his hair. He huffed out a breath and Annette felt the heat of it. His male scent was distracting.

Annette reached for his chin and drew it down to her lips with her hands. Teo kissed back for a moment then pulled away, “Okay, so we’ll talk about this later?”

Annette hit him in the chest and jumped onto the bed. She crawled backwards to the headboard and began unbuttoning her shirt, “Do you really want to start up a discussion Teo?”

He looked at her hungrily. Each button loosened revealed more of her creamy white skin. His eyes drew him to the foot of the bed. He shucked off the tuxedo t-shirt. Teo crawled up the bed to Annette, stopping her hands on the third button. He brought her hands to his mouth and kissed them both gently. “There is no rush…”

Annette frowned, “There is always a rush! There is always someone who needs something from me.”

Teo kissed her hands again, “Just this once try to ignore all of that. Let’s give ourselves over to the moment. I know I have been waiting for this my whole life.”

“You have? Me too.”

“Then let’s fumble in the dark together. I need you, Annette.” He flipped off the lights, and the room was dark. Annette could still see by the light leaking in around the curtains. Her eyes needed very little light. Actually, they didn’t need any light. She could see the heat trails of Teo’s hands as he reached for her hips. He ran his hands over her jeans, then he began fumbling with the zipper.

His frustration with the fastenings brushed at the edges of her mind. She sent waves of soothing cooperative thoughts his way and unfastened her own pants. He started back in on the buttons of her shirt. Annette reached for the fly of Teo’s pants. She struggled with it just as badly as Teo had fumbled with hers. He stopped tangling with her buttons and reached for his own zipper.

Annette used her free hands to draw his lips down to hers. They kissed and their saliva left their mouths tingling. Annette pulled away and drew in a quick gasp of a breath before climbing to her knees and kissing the flesh of his neck and shoulders.

Teo paused and shivered as her lips sent tingling sensations through his body. Annette pulled away and Teo bent to kiss her on her earlobe. He missed, kissing her on the side of her head. He did his best to cover the misfire and worked his way down to her ear. She giggled when he finally found it, partly because his breath let loose a wave of shivers through her body, but mostly because she had sensed his sly cover of poor aim in the dark.

Teo was almost to the bottom of her buttons. Things were very close to becoming even more intimate, and a loud knock sounded on their door. “Ignore it!” Teo suggested.

Annette climbed from the bed and telekinetically turned the lights back on. She buttoned her shirt and zipped her pants. When she reached the door, she braced it with the little lock that kept it from being opened all the way and opened it. On the other side stood Carl. “Chief, I have some paperwork on fieldwork that needs to be authorized.”

Annette sighed and glanced over her shoulder at Teo. She closed the door so she could flip the lock and open it fully. No, wait. Annette opened the door, “Carl, I am on my honeymoon. I will see you first thing on coming back to Refuge. I will cheat time so you will barely notice I am gone. Now, go home!” She closed the door and turned back to Teo, “Now where were we?”

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