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This story is based off how I met my bestfriend. Hope you like! :)
Space Kid's POV

When you're going somewhere new, with new people, you never know what might happen. Here, at my new school. I had already made a couple of friends. Which wasn't bad, but I didn't want to have too many friends; if that makes sense.

It was currently blue block and we had free-play for fitness. Stella, my new friend, and I were talking about random 8th-grade stuff when I noticed someone from the corner of my eye. It was a short blond-haired girl.

She looked pretty down in the dumps, so I decided to ask Stella.

"Hey, uhh..Stella? Who's that?", I asked pointing toward the girl.

"Oh, her? That's Munch. Anyways back to what we were talking abou-"

"Why are they sad? Did something happen?", I asked being curious about the girl.

She was sitting in a corner all to herself, and no one seemed to notice but me. Maybe...I could go say hi! That would be great.

As I was walking over to the blond-haired girl, I was also thinking about whether Stella even wanted me to come over and talk to her. Would she be mad at me? Of, course not! I'm making new friends, that's shouldn't make her mad.

"Um, hi. I'm Space Kid, but you can call me Eldwin."

"Hi, nice to meet you.", she barely said.

"So, why are you sitting over here by yourself?"

"Eh, I just wanted to be alone. Why did you come over here to talk to me?", she asked. Maybe not many people like her so she isn't used to people talking to her.

"I saw that you were sitting here looking gloomy. Hey, wanna sit with me and Stella at recess?" Maybe she needed someone to talk to.

"Sure. Thanks."

When she replied, her facial expression looked a bit happier than before. Which made me happier as well. I'm glad I made someone's day better.

"Listen, if someone is hurting you, let me know."
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