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Science gone wrong.

“I love science class,” Leon said as he signed on.

His mother was looking skeptically at the papier mache build he’d spent all weekend doing.

“That looks huge, honey,” was all his mom would say. She believed in being supportive of his schooling, even if she didn’t have a clue what he’d built with every newspaper in the house and flour and water paste.

“I know! Isn’t that great!” her son said as he busied himself collecting other items from around the kitchen.

“Liquid dish soap, baking soda and this,” Leon said as he pulled out a big jug.

“Are you sure about that?”

His mom nodded at the almost full jug.

“I need lots!”

“Is everybody ready?” his instructor asked at that moment.

The kids all shouted: “Yes!”

“Don’t forget to measure everything carefully, especially the last ingredient,” she said.

Leon first added liquid soap, then baking powder. Finally, he hefted the jug and began to pour.

“Be careful, Leon,” his mom warned.

Too late! The jug was too full and heavy for Leon to control. More than half went in the top of the papier mache structure. A foaming tube began rising from the volcano and spewing all over the table, the floor and ceiling.

“Wow, cool!” Leon crowed.

His science teacher’s eyes widened. His mother’s were even wider, if that were possible.

“See you tomorrow, class!” his instructor said quickly and signed off.

“I can see why you like science! That was some eruption! But you know what else is going to erupt?” his mother said.

“My volcano when I add more stuff and try again?”

“No seconds, the first was enough! Nope, the next eruption will be from your dad if you don’t get this cleaned up!”

“Mom, would you…?”

“Nope, your project, your job!”

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