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Open your mind and let your imagination shine through
Let your spirit wander,
Where your mind wants you to hide.
Lay down your inhibitions,
Allow your senses to collide.
The beauty of these moments,
Will one day set you free.

No reason for atonement,
This right now you'll see.
The mirror that you stand before,
Holds the image of your empty soul,
That you cannot yet let be.

Your mixed up existence,
Has built up such confusion,
Along with a heavy resistance.
For futility is an enemy,
That has to be restrained.
The whereabouts your comfort zone,
Unanswered questions still remain.

Step beyond your limits,
Walk through the unknown door.
You may just see your faith,
Picking you up off the floor.
Run along side your dreams,
Ability is stronger than it appears,
And the light inside you beams.

Welcome to the imagination,
Where ideas and hopes are set free.
The place that hearts and souls do wander,
And inner spirits are encouraged to be.
The feeling and joys of transcending,
In a place that's never ending.
Is where you'll find your inner child,
Still very much grown,
But running wild and free.
Back to where your thoughts begin,
And where your pleasures lie within.
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