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On choosing a shelter cat

Charlie & Roy

Settle down kiddies, this tale you’ll enjoy,
of a kitten named Charlie who bagged him a boy.

It begins with a litter of unwanted cats,
some had white patches, but one was all black.

Uncertain of breed, and no guarantees,
American Shorthair mixed up with Burmese?

Ten weeks with mama, then off they must go
to stay at the shelter and hope for a home.

Kittens with patches are welcome on laps,
but people avoid the one who’s pure black.

For even worse luck, poor Charlie got sick,
at the shelter they feared he’d never be picked.

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Roy was still young, though standing full-grown,
He wanted a pal, a cat of his own.

The shelter folks showed him all that they had,
they wanted to make a good match for the lad.

A small orange tabby pulled back with a hiss,
Roy said "no thank you, this one’s a miss."

A fluffy grey kitten jumped down from his lap,
her indifferent eyes never even looked back.

A calico played round Roy's ankle a bit,
but quickly lost interest, she just wasn’t ‘it’.

Sorting through colors, and different types,
he just couldn’t find the one that felt right.

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"If none of these kittens can quite fit the bill,
then we do have one more who’s currently ill."

Charlie had sniffles and goop in his eyes,
the sad little kitty was nobody’s prize.

But soft-hearted Roy held out his hand
and Charlie leapt up as if it were planned.

He climbed up Roy’s arm and nuzzled his beard,
then snuggled in close and sneezed in his ear.

‘That’s kind of rude,’ said Roy with a grin,
Charlie just purred and rubbed ‘gainst his chin.

“This guy's the one, this cat will do fine;
we’re already friends, his sneeze is my sign.”

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Charlie recovered, grew healthy and strong
With silky black coat and a tail that’s long.

He loves all his people, especially laps
with fleecy warm blankets for long winter naps.

Then he makes a mad dash, all round the house,
tossing his prey, a furry toy mouse.

He leaps for the catch, and he uses both paws,
good fundamentals and no need for claws.

A playful young pet brings everyone joy
and picking one out is summed up by Roy:

“To make a good match, you've gotta believe,
I didn’t choose Charlie, Charlie chose me!”

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