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by Liana
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Losing a father figure and a mentor.
It's funny to think that we were talking about making things happen again in Florida like it was in the old days. You were so proud of my sobriety and my transition, not surprising as you always supported me and everyone with who you came in contact with.
I remember that you weren't feeling well a few weeks before your passing but at your age, I figured it was just a cold and that you would pull through.
It was early morning, not sure which day but Barbara posted that you had been found unresponsive with your eyes dead cold. I watch and shared each status from her on Facebook, hoping you would pull through. Then came the live video that the doctors had spoken to Barbara and that your brain wasn't responding. I remember in 2015 when my daddy, whom you spoke so highly of, had a stroke for what would be the last time and his brain had stopped responding. I knew then, that we had lost you. Barbara, Christina, and Micheal, the kids of Refuge Ministries, Poor People army, Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, and the countless lives you touched. There will never be another Pastor Bruce but I know we will all do our best to carry on your legacy. REST IN POWER. Your legacy will carry on.
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