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I could gush about flowers, gifts and stuff but this is the real deal, uncut version.
A Real Life Love Story

Our love is a lifetime of devotion.
Tested and torn, tattered and glued.
Deserving of its own dictionary definition.
All ingredients in a dramatic romantic stew.

We were seasoned by prior loved ones,
Who shared children and marriage vows.
Gun shy and duty bound, brake now for fun.
Karma came along, desire was aroused.

The beginning was sweet playtime.
We double dated, tiptoed sexy suspense.
“Why does he see in that dumb blonde?”
I’ve got "the look", brains and essence.

It took a marathon of determination.
To finally get on the same soul train.
Children and exes, jobs and obstruction.
Worth it, together alone; a splendid love domain.

A trial run of five years, sharing kids, balancing.
Family is a 2am police call, teen tears, a true scare.
Not labeled mine or yours, work problems out.
Four teens: talk sex, friends, success, being fair.

Holding my hand as needles pierce me.
My face reflected in your tears, shared dystonic pain.
A relationship, much more than chemistry.
Handling a chronic illness takes its strain.

"And the years go rolling by", sings Harry Chapin.
Goodbye RN, disability, caring for, grieving parents.
Send two boys to serve, came back changed men.
Proud but sad for problems not envisioned.

Proudly our sons graduate, work, fall in love?
Grandchildren, half a dozen, each a special bliss.
Our legacy carries on, sun keeps rising up.
The circle is unbroken, faces simply rearrange.

One day, we all must say goodbye.
Dust to dust, so each story ends.
In this time, on this earth, always remember.
You alone, always; my lover, forever friend.

To Kurt from Kathie

I remember and treasure all the roses, jewelry, lovemaking, vacations, cards and marriage vows too.
Thanks for being there through pain, joy, wrinkles, laughter, tears and real life stories.

Happy Valentine’s Day and many more! *HeartO*

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