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letter to my wife on our 17th Valentines Day together
Our relationship began in a mesmerizing burst of color. Reds and yellows bursting in the air with orange sparks flying.
I inhale you, ever enticing aromas of lilacs and roses is your gift to my senses.
Our love flows now like a lazy river. Quietude and calm fill our days.
Winding streams of sparkling turquoise and blue have taken the place of brighter, bursting sparks.
My heart still sparks each time I see your blue eyes twinkle. That little smile that crosses your lips when you are trying to be stern. I do not need
exploding colors to see the beauty that you hold.
Yet exploding colors is what I see when you are with me.
The lavender of the river of compassion that surrounds you shimmers with effervescent silver waterfalls
You love, you give without question. Your heart is an ever-glowing bright yellow light that leads people to you, and you love.
You love.
You love in so many colors
You awaken me with bright reds and oranges when all I can see is gray.
You calm me with your subtle blues and hold me in your arms when everything is too bright for me.
You reminded me there is color in the world when all I saw was black and white.
Your amazing colors have transformed me into a woman who can love better and live better. My world is now full of color and life and you are
The one that brought the paints!

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