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The day that Rin Kagamine let out her secret. inspired by art made by Yilx
Hey there I'm Rin Kagamine the super popular singer known for doing shows with my twin brother Len and/or my best friend Miku Hatsune. Everyone always known me as the cute, sweets loving idol but I have a little secret. Ever since I was a child I was beyond athletic, like overpowering adults when I started elementary school. Lucky for everyone else I'm a pretty good girl and didn't want the attention my strength would be so I kept it secret acting like a lazy princess. In my normal form that the public knows I can run a 4 min 30 sec mile, and bench around 700 lbs. ~1~

I can actually bulk up my muscles at will to be rock hard. In this form, kept a secret from even Len, any world record you can think of is a joke for me to break and that is before I expand. That's right on top of my super human strength I can all make myself bigger which increases my strength. I enjoy having my little secret of knowing I'm always the most powerful person in the room but sometimes I get the urge to find the real limits of my powers. Limited privacy is a disadvantage of stardom after all and the fact that our image means I share a house with Len doesn't exactly help but that's probably what lead to that day. When I decided to let loose. ~2~

Despite my image of being lazy when I'm alone I acually really like working out, which I do in our private gym. One privilege of being rich is that no one is surprised when we buy the extensive weight set when we only are expected to use the lower weights. Little do they know my warm ups are at Olympic performance levels. When one of my secret sessions gets interrupted is where the story begins. ~3~
I got up at 5 am for my workout usually plenty of time to workout and go back to bed before anyone noticed. That day felt better than most workouts so I ended up losing track of time. I was nearly at 1000 100 pound bicep curls when I heard Len coming into the gym. My back was to him so I put the weight down out of his field of view and turned to face him. "Hey bro," I called. "Hey you're up early," he replied. I looked at the clock to see it was 7:30 way past when I usually sneak back to bed. It also meant if I wanted to get a nap today I'd need to hurry. "What are you doing?" Len asked. "Just warming up for the day," I said. "O ya trying to get guns like these?" He asks with a flex. He had a pretty strong arm for a normal person. Usually I would of agreed with him and start finishing up my workout to leave but today I felt playful. "Wow that's almost impressive," I teased. Than I flexed, enhancing my muscles my arm was easily twice as thick as his. Shocked he stepped back as I flexed my other arm. Sitting on the weight bench I was now at his eye level. I rose to my feet putting Len's eye level just above my eight pack. He took a step back with fear written across his face. He looked adorable I just couldn't help myself after seeing that expression. I kept growing, both bigger and stronger till my head hit the ceiling. We have raised ceilings so that made me about 12 ft tall and at that size my thighs were wider than Len's chest. ~4~
I could see Len was freaking out so I cut it off short. "You need to leave now." I said in a commanding voice. He slowly backed away looking like a deer caught in headlights. I raised my hand to the ceiling and lifted. You could hear the splintering wood throughout the room. Len ran out as fast as he could and I waited. "5... 4... 3... 2..." I started growing again. This time it fast. I erupted through the roof the house falling apart around me. "1!" I yelled. The house collapsed onto itself leaving only a small crater and a pile of rubble. I put my hands on my hips and admired my work. ~5~

Len was on the front lawn safe from the wreckage. He was terrified looking up at my 30 ft form. I calmly leaned forward to watch his reaction. After a moment of terror he screamed and ran for his car. Poor little guy I should of just let him go. But, instead I quickly stomped my foot down on his car and the shock wave sent him flying. Laughing I lifted my foot to see that the car was completely flattened. ~6~
I decided to take the time to examine myself. I ran my hands over thick powerful arms and shoulders. Unfortunately the lack of fat in my body left me flat chested but I loved the 8 pack and powerful thighs. And damn did I have a glorious ass. I was tempted to stay like this but I couldn't help but want to go further. Proceeded to the neighbors house across the street growing as I walked. I stepped right over Len as he cowered hoping I'd leave him alone. I was 50 ft. tall when I reached the next house and with a kick it exploded it a fury of wood chunks. ~7~
I continued to grow as I moved knocking down houses as I went. The sound of sirens grew louder and soon they were rushing to the scene of destruction. I stopped growing around 100 ft. tall so I could see how the army would react. They all came rushing forward with their rifles pointed at me. I tilted my head to one side and smiled. They formed a line of rifleman with two tanks pointing at me. I was worried when the 1st shots came. But when a realized my steel hard muscles deflected the bullets, I laughed at their attempt to stop me. A tank fired hitting my shoulder. It didn't hurt it was more the strength of a one handed shove but it was enough for me to feel like I had to show them not to mess with me. I dashed forward over the tanks and made a fist. I punched down as hard as I could making a crater where the tanks once stood and as a plus the solders got scattered by force of the blast. Done with that obstacle I decided to head for the city. I had a lot of ground to cover. ~8~

As I headed towards the city I grew to 200 ft. I was surprised i thought at some point i would just reach my size limit but every growth spurt felt better than the last and if anything was becoming easier to do. I approached the city and noticed police cars blocking off the streets. They were shooting me but I ignored them simple stepping over the blockade. My massive form smashed through the walls of buildings as I went. When I reached the center of town at 300 ft. so I stopped to look around at the damage done. The entire downtown area was destroyed. I literally walked through buildings of my height to have the crumble with no resistance. As I looked around I noticed some red marks on my body but then they disappeared. It took me a moment to realize I was being bombed and just not feeling it. I howled with laughter "is that the best you got?" ~9~

The bombs didn't seem to be having an effect on me as I casually shrugged. I decided to lay down and take a break. I was feeling pretty good about myself and maybe it would give me a chance to get some sleep. And maybe the army would have something interesting by the time I woke up. ~10~

When I woke up the city was silent the army must of used my nap as a chance to evacuate the citizens. Staying on my back I stretched my arms and legs than brought my hands behind my head. After making myself comfortable I began growing again. This time I was going much slower. I was taking my time examining my own body. I was very proud of what I'd created. My body was a masterpiece of muscle and power. I had to admit that I may never go back to my old self. I enjoyed the feeling of my muscles expanding and tightening over and over again. It the silence of the abandoned city you could acually hear the muscles expansion. Soon the growth was muffled by collapsing buildings as my growing body started plowing down neighborhoods. ~11~

After a few minutes of growth I finally reached 600ft. It felt really good to know I still had room to grow. I had grown this far without any problems. I was feeling pretty confident now. I rose to my feet and found a few remaining buildings seems to be my height. I grew again quickly doubling my height. I turned around and gave my butt a good smack, alluding to what I was going to do next. Than bending my knees a jumped as high as I could, and considering how big and heavy my body was, it was surprisingly high. I landed butt first and honestly didn't even feel the building collapsing under me till the ground broke my fall. ~12~

I got up looked at the two perfect craters my butt formed. Just than my fun was interrupted by a blinding flash that caused me to close my eyes followed by a feeling of warmth covering my body. I moaned with pleasure as my muscles throbbed with energy. I never felt stronger and sat there for a bit just enjoying the feeling. I opened my eyes and was shocked to find I wasn't down town. I was in this long empty field. I looked around and realized I must of grown from that light cause the city was still there between my thick thighs. Was that a nuke? I roared with laughter. "You tried to nuke me?" I looked down as I moved my legs together watching the remaining city disappear beneath my thighs. I flex my arm with anouther wave of laughter, "Guess that plan backfired on you." ~13~

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