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by Monty
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One more to climb
Another Mountain

At the foot of this mountain,
I pause and look up,
Must I climb this one also,
Is it added to my cup?

They come much more often
Than walking easy does now,
I know I must climb it
But I’m not sure just how.

If I get up this one,
The other side could be good
And I can cruise for a time,
Live the life think I should.

Looking back over life,
I see them each hill.
When I’ve lost a loved one,
I remember them still.

Now looking forward,
Have I had my fill?
It will have to get harder,
My spirit to kill.

Now I see that mountain
And it’s not so high,
This one is easy,
On wings I will fly.

If I’m not too tired when the
Next one I see,
I’ll climb it with God
And forever be free.


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