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Sam always wanted to be fat and gets her chance when she spends her summer on an island
This story about Samantha was a little bit different for me to write as I didn't do it alone. I did this as a bit of a challenge to see if I could work with someone else to create a story in which I didn't have 100% control. To do this, I would write a paragraph and then let the other write until they were done. I'd look at what they wrote decided whether to keep it or let them try again, and then wrote another paragraph in response to what they wrote. Now, the thing is, the other person writing was an AI that's been trained to take what's been written and to try it's best to continue the story in the same vein. You'll notice that it struggles to keep the story consistent at first, but as it gets more information to work with it becomes much harder to identify the spots that have been written by the AI. So without further ado, here is my firs story cowriten by an AI.


Samantha was just an average 12-year-old girl, though she had a secret. She wanted to be fat. She'd always been thin, but now that summer had rolled around, she was determined to get hugely fat before school started back up. Her family sent her to a tropical island for the summer to stay with a family friend. She wanted to be the fattest girl ever.

She had just made a huge breakfast, and was about to go out when her host's carriage arrived. She hadn't seen the island for herself yet, so she was excited to go sight-seeing. The trip to the docks took a few minutes, and by the time they got there, she was already feeling very full. He told her that the boat ride would only take a few minutes. It was a ten-minute boat ride to the island, but his boat was fast, so it wouldn't be a problem.

About halfway there, she started to notice a smell. Not just any smell, but the smell of food. It was a delicious, meaty smell. Her stomach grumbled.

She licked her lips as she began scouring the ship for the source of the smell. It didn't take her long to find a dining room filled with food. "Ah," Said a waiter, "Have as much as you want. The family you're staying with has spared no expense in offering you their hospitality. We will be arriving at their resort soon."

Samantha went into a trance as she ate. She couldn't help herself. The smell was too strong. She wolfed down plate after plate until the waiter told her, "Okay, that's it. We don't want you to get sick." He grabbed her arm and led her back to the ship.

The boat ride to the island took another five minutes, but Samantha didn't even notice. She was enjoying the after-effects of food coma.

When she awoke, she had a blanket over her. She was in a lush room in a king-sized bed. Her host was sitting in a chair next to her. "Good morning, dear," He said.

"Good morning!" Steph said excitedly as she threw the covers off her and jumped to her feet and rushed to give the man a big hug.
"I'm so glad you're here," He said. "You can have the whole day to yourself. I don't want you to go hungry, so your fridge has been stocked with everything you'll need. We'll have dinner together tonight at eight. Bring a swimsuit."

"Okay, thank you," She said. "See you later. I'm going to get changed."

"You have a lovely body," The man said, eying her up and down. He winked. "I can't wait to see it."

She playfully flipped her hair and ran to her room.

When she got back out, she could tell she'd gained quite a bit.

Though it wasn't near enough for her. She'd started trying to gain weight before she'd come on this trip, though she'd only managed to gain about 10 pounds. She changed into a tight bikini that left her middle on full display. It was still pretty flat with only a thin layer of fat on it. Her arms and legs were just skin and bone, and her chest was completely flat. Taking one last look at herself in the large mirror that covered one of the walls, she rushed down to breakfast.

and then convinces herself it is not enough.

"I'll take another serving," She said to the waiter.

"You're looking chunky. I love chunky girls," He said.

"You do?" She said. "But I'm not very chunky yet."

She grabbed the plate and wolfed it down as soon as he walked away.

She'd gained about 20 pounds over the past week. They were mostly in her belly, but still, 20 pounds was actually a lot.

She would probably gain about 40 more by the end of the trip.

With a heavy heart, she pushed away from the table and went back to her room.

She glanced in the mirror at her now slightly pudgy belly. She still wasn't even close to the weight she wanted to be. Sure she was starting to fill in a little, but she was still pretty thin. With a sigh, she threw on her bikini and made her way to the beach. She smiled as she watched the waves rolling in and felt the warm sand beneath her feet.Sam was so absorbed in the ocean and the sand that she didn't even notice the waiter bringing out her dinner. It was only when he waved that she looked up.

"I've brought your dinner," He said. "I'll leave it outside your door."

"Oh, thank you," She said. "I'll come out and get it in a second."

The food smelled delicious, and her stomach rumbled. She'd eaten a huge breakfast and a huge lunch, but she couldn't resist one last big dinner.

She'd gained another 20 pounds since breakfast.

"That's it," She said. "I'm done. No more food."

She knew the weight would be gone once her belly digested it, but still, at least some weight would stick to her bones and make her fatter. However, she'd eaten so much today that she was feeling sick to her stomach. She made her way to her bedroom and undressed before climbing into the king-sized bed and going to sleep.

She woke up the next morning and checked the scale.

"Hello," She said. She'd gained 2 more pounds overnight.

"A couple pounds is fine," She said to herself as she went to the bathroom to take a shower. "I went through a lot of stress last night."

Once she ate again, the weight would be gone.

She took a long hot shower, and then wrapped herself in a big fluffy towel. She walked back to her room and put on the new bikini she'd bought. It was a black one-piece with a matching sarong.

She made her way to the pool and ordered breakfast.

A little while later, two waiters brought out several trays loaded with food. Her mouth salivated at the thought of how much she was about to eat. She was starving! The waiters set down the food and she began eating ravenously.

As she ate, she felt the weight of the food settle into her stomach. She'd been right, after breakfast she'd dropped back down to her normal weight, but now she was heavy again. She loved the sensation of being fat. She felt her gut jiggle a bit as she ate, but it wasn't until she finished that she realized just how full she was. She needed to get off her chair to leave, but she was so bloated she couldn't even open the door. She laughed and took a selfie to show off her massive, chubby belly.

"Excuse me," A voice said. Samantha looked up and saw a waiter standing there. He was looking at her with a shocked expression, "I can't believe how much food you just ate!"

She smiled at him and patted her stuffed belly, "What can I say? I love to eat."

She gave the waiter a wink as he walked away shaking his head. Still, she was feeling so full that she didn't think she could walk back up to her room, and so she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep beneath the warm sun as she waited for her belly to digest her large meal.

She woke up a few hours later to the sound of another waiter bringing her dinner in a wheelbarrow. As usual, she was hungry, but more from the smell of the food than anything else. She was getting almost used to eating five or six large meals a day. Her belly had swollen to the size of a watermelon!

"I'm hungry," She said. She ate a few more bites, but then she had to stop. Her belly was just too big. The waiter lifted the plate off the table and walked away.

"No," Sammy said. "Please don't leave me."

She began to cry. She was so hungry, but she was just too big to eat anymore.

Her stomach felt so full and tight that she didn't think she could eat another bite. Her belly was stretched tightly in front of her. She was glad she had worn her bikini since she wasn't sure if her belly would even fit in her one-piece.

"Don't leave me like this!" She cried, gripping her belly as she sat on the edge of the table. Her belly was so big and heavy that she couldn't even lift it off the chair.

The waiter smiled and came back, helping her to her room. He helped her undress as her belly constantly threatened to pull her over. She hoped that this would really help make her fatter as she climbed into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning, Samantha woke up with a little more padding around her hips. She pulled back her top to look at her belly. It wasn't any bigger or rounder than it was the day before. She realized that she had to be careful about how much she ate. She still wanted to get really fat, but she didn't want to get fat too fast.

She walked around the resort in a tank top, feeling her belly bounce and jiggle as she shuffled along. She went outside to get some sun on her belly and wasn't surprised that she caught the eye of a few men. She smiled and waved as they walked past.

She'd always been extremely cute, and the little bit of weight she'd put on was definitely making her look cuter. She savored the feeling of her small belly bouncing lightly as she walked. She knew most people probably wouldn't notice the jiggle yet, but she could feel it and that was what mattered. She'd weighed about 95 pounds that morning. That was a total gain of about 30 pounds since the start of summer.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled at the image. She looked great. She was so much bigger than the last time she'd looked at herself. She couldn't quite see it, but she knew that she was getting fatter every day.

She ran her hands over her belly. She was so soft. She could feel all of her body and the way her pants and shirt felt was really different. She smiled as she looked at herself. She wanted to get fatter.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised to see that her belly was pushing her tank top out. She had a little pooch.

It wasn't too big yet, but she was definitely bigger than when summer had started. Her eyes moved up to her chest which had the faintest hint of roundness. She knew she was going to start getting breasts as she got fatter. She felt a flutter of excitement as she imagined how big she was going to get.

The more food she ate, the bigger she became. She walked slowly back to her room as her belly pushed out her shirt. She felt very good. She just wanted to eat more.

Samantha walked slowly back to her room, feeling her belly push out her shirt. She couldn't believe how much she was getting fatter every day. She knew she would really start getting fat soon, but she was looking forward to it. She'd gotten a little better at walking with her belly bigger. She'd gotten a little better at moving her arms and legs as well. She was surprise how much smaller everything felt.

She went into her room and closed the door behind her.

She changed into the bikini she'd worn on her first day here and noticed that it was feeling a little tight. This made her smile as she imagined herself outgrowing it. Giving a twirl in the large mirror, she loved how she was starting to look a little chubby. With a happy sigh, she made her way to the beach.

As she neared the beach, she could hear the music from the ice cream truck and the sound of the waves. The music was "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the Beach Boys and the waves were crashing. She loved the beach, and she was really looking forward to spending a lot of time there with her friends.

When she got to the beach, she saw a few of her friends playing on the shore. Tavitha was there. She was a friend from school and Samantha had been a little jealous of her for a long time because she was so pretty. Tavitha was wearing a bikini which was really tiny and looked great on her.

"Hey Tavitha," Sam called to her friend, waving to get her attention, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh Hi Sam. I'm here on vacation with my family. We're staying at the hotel down the street," she said pointing to the hotel Sam had been going to.

"Oh," Sam said. She felt a little jealous of her friend. She'd always wanted to go on vacation with her family to somewhere really nice. "How was your flight?"

"It was really long. We were on the plane for like 12 hours," Tavitha said with a dramatic sigh. "I'm so exhausted."

"You know what you should do," Sam said and she smiled, "You should just come play on the beach with me. Oh, and let's get some ice cream!"

Tavitha eyed the ice cream truck hesitantly as Sam started dragging her towards it. A few minutes later they were sitting on the sand eating massive sundaes as they chatted about how their summers had gone so far. Sam was surprised to hear that Tavitha would be on the island the rest of the summer, just like her.

Sam was happy, and spent the rest of the day with her friend, eating ice cream, talking, and cleaning up sand off of their bathing suits. They were both glad the day was nearly over and they wanted to get back to the hotel.

Samantha waved goodbye to her friend as they went in separate directions. She made her way to the large dining room where she found a massive feast waiting for her. Her mouth began to water as she approached the table laden with food and began shoveling it into her mouth. She ate until she couldn't eat anymore. Then she dragged herself to her room and fell asleep in the large bed.

Tavitha and Sam spent a lot of time together that first week. They did everything they could to keep themselves entertained. They went to the beach, they went shopping, they ate ice cream... and they ate a lot of ice cream.

They gained a lot of weight that first week, and they both couldn't be happier.

Sam looked at her belly as she was getting dressed for the day. It was definitely starting to become noticeable. Her face was starting to get a tiny bit rounder, and she noticed that her arms and legs were a bit thicker. She'd gained another 10 pounds this week, and she was excited to keep going. She pushed out her belly, imagining how big she was going to get.

"Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late," Tavitha said, bouncing onto the sand. She playfully elbowed Sam. "I got stuck in line at the ice cream truck."

"Don't worry," Sam said, laughing. "It's fine. I've already eaten lunch."

"You've already eaten lunch?!" Tavitha gasped, her eyes bugged out. "What kind of vacation is this?"

Sam laughed. "It's vacation," she repeated. "Ice cream is free on this island, so I eat a lot of it."

Tavitha made a face. "Oh my god, we're going to get fat."

It was true. Sam wasn't the only one who'd gained weight since starting vacation. Where Tavitah had used to be a twig, Sam noticed the faint hint of a belly forming on her friend. She found herself imagining what her friend would look like as she got fatter. The idea of Tavitah bursting out of their clothing was very exciting for Sam, and she could tell Tavitah had the same thought.

She lifted up her shirt and showed her friend her belly. Tavitah let out a small gasp and then laughed. "Wow, you're getting big. Can I touch it?"

"Sure," Sam laughed, amused at her friend's fascination with her chubby middle. It was an agreement made in the heat of the moment. The two girls sat on the sand and began to eat the ice cream they had just purchased. It did not take long for them to start to gain the weight they desired.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm saying this," Tavitah said, laughing to herself. "I can't believe I'm saying this out loud. But I think I'm going to get fat with you, Sam."

"Yeah?" Sam said, taking another bite of her ice cream. "I like the idea of that."

"We should do this more often," Tavitah said, raising her eyebrows.

"Mmm." Sam nodded, "I've always wanted to be fat. I love the thought of being soft and cuddly and heavy, but it would be even better with you."

"I'm in," Tavitah said. The two girls smiled at each other. Sam had never been this excited! This was going to be a great vacation.

"I have one condition," Sam said, and Tavitah raised her eyebrows. "I'm going to come back next year and I'm going to be fat. If you want to be fat with me, you have to come back too."

"Deal," Tavitah said. "I don't think I'm going to be able to live a normal life anymore."

"Me neither," Sam said.

"Maybe we should make some future plans," Tavitah said.

"Yeah," Sam nodded.

The two of them began discussing what they'd do as they got fatter. They talked about how big they were going to get, and how everyone would react when they saw them next. They talked late into the night. Sam enjoyed watching the sun dip below the horizon as the sky lit up in a brilliant red and purple. Finally, the two friends finished talking and made their way to their respective hotels. She was excited to go on this weight gain journey with Tavitha.

Early the next morning, Sam was already awake. She'd always been an early riser. She lay in bed for a moment and listened to the quiet of the morning. Then she got out of bed and went to the bathroom. As she stood in front of the mirror, she looked at her reflection.

She really was starting to look a bit chubby. She still wasn't really what she'd call fat, but she was definitely growing. Her belly was starting to look a bit more round, and her cheeks were starting to become plumper. Her thighs were just starting to rub against each other, and she found herself caressing her soft belly lightly.

She sighed. She wanted to be fat. She loved getting fat. She wished she could get fat now. Still, she had her whole vacation to gain, and she had Tavitha to go through it with. She'd have to make the most of it. She started to get ready for the day.

Pulling on a tank top and shorts, she loved how tight her clothes were starting to feel on her growing body. She gave one last look at herself in the mirror and left the room with a skip in her step.

She took a few steps forward, then turned back to look at the resort. It was starting to get smaller. She was getting bigger.

She turned back around and started to head towards the beach.

It didn't take long to get there.

The sun was bright on her face, and she reached up to shield her eyes. Sam could hear the waves crashing against the shore, and she could see other people on the beach.

She waved at Tavitha as she approached her friend, "Hey!"

"Hey Sam," Tavitha waved back.

Sam could see that she was already working on eating an ice cream cone, and felt her mouth starting to water. She had to resist though. She had other plans.

"Hey Tavitha, wanna go get breakfast?" Sam asked.

"Sure, that sounds great!" Tavitha replied, "I'm pretty hungry." They walked back to the hotel and got ready for the day. Sam put on a loose, comfortable shirt and a pair of shorts. They were a little bit tight on her, but she didn't really mind. She could feel her tummy starting to push back against her shorts and she rubbed it a little. She loved how fat she was getting.

They went down to the hotel's restaurant and found a table in the back.

"What do you want to eat?" Sam asked.

"Anything and everything!" Tavitha exclaimed, "I'm so hungry!"

"I know what you mean," Sam said, "I'm pretty hungry myself. I can't wait to get some of that food!"

Tavitha grinned and hugged Sam. "I'm so glad we're doing this together," she said.

"Oh hey I should be the one saying thanks," Samantha said, "I really didn't think you would want to get fat but I'm glad you did."

She could feel Tavitha's soft breasts pressing against her own. She could feel her tummy pressing against Tavitha's tummy. She reached forward and put her hands on Tavitha's belly.

She could feel Tavitha's muscles beneath a thin layer of fat. She wanted her friend to get so big that she couldn't even feel the muscle anymore. She wanted to get so fat she couldn't move anymore. Taking a deep breath, she pulled away from her friend and walked towards the breakfast buffet with Tavitha in tow.

The two friends ate a huge breakfast together. Everything looked so good, and they wanted to try it all. They piled their plates high with pancakes and sausage links, and poured syrup all over their food. They ate and ate and ate and ate, and they didn't stop until their plates were clean.

"Ahhh," Tavitha sighed, "I'm so full!"

"I know what you mean!" Samantha said, rubbing her belly, "I'm so full too!"

Together they stumbled back to Sam's room and collapsed on the bed.

"What do you want to do now?" Samantha asked.

"How about a quick nap before lunch," Tavitha said, rubbing her swollen belly, "I need to digest some of this food."

"That sounds great," Sam said, "Let's go to bed."

As they slept, Samantha dreamed of everything she wanted to be when she grew up. She had always wanted to be a mommy. She wanted to be a big, strong mommy. She wanted to be the kind of mommy who couldn't even walk because she was too fat. She wanted to be the kind of mommy who could barely even lift her arms, because her arms were so big and fat.

She imagined herself getting so big that she just looked like a blob of fat. She imagined her belly growing bigger and bigger with child and fat. She imagined being so big she filled an entire room. She imagined how amazing it would feel to be so big she couldn't walk. She imagined how amazing it would be to never be able to sit down and to never have to worry about her clothes fitting. She imagined being so big it was impossible for her to leave her bed.

She imagined how soft she would be. She imagined how soft it would be to roll back and forth, her fat jiggling.

She imagined how amazing it would be to grow so big she was stuck in a pool of fat forever.

She imagined being so big that she could roll around wherever she wanted. She imagined her belly just getting bigger and bigger, growing bigger than herself.

After a while, she woke up as her stomach began to growl. Tavitha was still sleeping on the bed beside her. However, there was something that Sam really wanted to do, and she didn't want to tell her friend. She wanted to be pregnant. She knew there was a clinic on the island that could turn her into a surrogate mother, and she imagined this would be her only opportunity to experience it. Quietly, so she didn't wake Tavitha, she crept out of her room and started heading towards the clinic.

It was an easy walk to the clinic, passing by many stores and houses. A few people even waved to her. She waved back, wondering if any of them knew. She knew her parents would be angry, but she had to do this. She had to know what it felt like to be so big she couldn't move.

When she got to the clinic, she took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

"Hello," the woman behind the desk said, "How can I help you?"

"Hi," Sam said, "I'd like to be turned into a surrogate mother."

"Oh, are you sure? You're so young." The lady said.

Sam nodded, "I really want it!"

"Alright how many children do you want to carry in your belly?" the woman asked.

"I want to be pregnant with ten babies!" Sam blurted out.

The woman's eyes went wide as she looked at Sam, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Sam nodded. "I want it bad. I want to be a huge and fat mommy. I want my belly so big I can't even walk."

"I see," the woman said, nodding, "Well, you're very young, but I suppose if you feel so strongly about this, I can do it."

"Oh thank you so much!" Sam said, "You're the best!"

The woman smiled, "Of course, now if you'll follow me."

A few hours later, Sam emerged from the clinic feeling excited. She was going to be a mommy to ten babies. She wanted to keep it a secret from Tavitha for a little while longer though.

In the month that followed, Sam's belly grew larger and larger with each passing day. Tavitha also grew larger, but not as much as Sam. Samantha felt like she had never been happier, though. She loved to eat and felt like she was doing what she was meant to do. She was meant to be big and fat, she felt, as if her whole life had been leading up to this.

Finally, she felt her belly begin to swell significantly and even though she had been bracing herself for it, it was still a shock to feel it. She had been eating for the past month, but not that much. She couldn't understand what was happening.

Then she remembered the babies growing within her. She was pregnant and getting bigger. She rushed to the mirror in her room, stripping off her clothes as she looked at her chubby body and swelling stomach.

"I'm pregnant," Sam shouted to the mirror, "I'm pregnant!" She stared at the reflection of herself in the mirror and her stomach became more and more obvious, stretching across her body and making her breasts sag.

"I'm pregnant!" Sam shouted again, "I'm getting huge and I want to be a giant, huge mommy!"

With that, Sam began to eat compulsively. She ate until she felt so huge that she couldn't move even if she wanted to. She wanted to be huge. She wanted to be big.

After a week, Sam's belly was really getting bigger.

She couldn't believe how fast she was growing. All of her clothes were becoming far too small for her as she got bigger and bigger. However, she wasn't the only one. Tavitha was also starting to look pretty chubby as they sat on the beach enjoying the sun. Sam found her eyes drawn to her once thin friend as Sam rubbed her pregnant belly. Tavitha was hardly recognizable as the thin girl she'd been just a little over a month ago.

Tavitha smiled, "I'm so chubby," she moaned as she rubbed her large belly, "I wish I could just eat all the time."

"I know," Sam replied, "I love being so big."

"You look like you're about to pop," Tavitha joked, "But I want to pop even more."

"I do too," Sam said, "I want to be huge. I want to be huge and fat and chubby. I want to get even fatter than this."

"You're so silly," Tavitha laughed, "Just eat as much as you want, you'll get big yourself."

Sam watched as Tavitha continued rubbing her swollen belly, admiring how plump her friend had become. They were both getting fatter and starting to really get heavy. Still, they weren't fat enough. However, Sam was noticing that she was starting to have trouble with physical activity. She definitely wasn't as fit as she had been before, and she loved it.

They were feeling much too full from their meal to do much, so they spent most of the day just sitting on the beach, sunning their growing bodies. Eventually, they decided to call it for the night and picked themselves up with much difficulty. By the time Sam made it back to her room, she was exhausted. Her legs were burning just from the short walk from the beach. Curious, she made her way to the bathroom.

There was a new scale in her bathroom now. She stepped onto it, and it read 180. That was a big step up, she thought. She hadn't realized she was that much fatter.

Sam had a lot of time to think about all of that as she lay in bed that night. Sure, she was bigger. She was three times heavier than she was before. She was obese. Her legs were burning. She was exhausted.

However, even as she lay there in the dark, she smiled. She loved being this fat.

She loved this new normal.

It was only a matter of time until she would be so big she couldn't move.

She dreamed of what it would be like to be that fat. In her dream, she found herself growing excited as her body ballooned up to epic sizes. She ate and ate and ate. She watched as her weight climbed. 200 lbs. 300 lbs. 500 lbs. 700 lbs. 1000 lbs! She was so happy as she found herself growing so heavy she could no longer stand. She couldn't even recognize herself as she continued growing fatter. She was looking like just a blob of fat.

She didn't know how much time had passed. She was still lying in bed, but all she could think about while she was awake was her dream. She wanted to be that fat. She wanted to be immobile. She wanted to start growing again.

Finally, she climbed out of bed and began getting ready for the day. She was finding it a lot harder to put on her socks and shoes, and even get her pants on as her belly was now constantly getting in the way. She pulled up her shorts, savoring how snug they were even though they weren't done up.

She pulled on her t-shirt, but it was tight around her belly and she had to force it down as it slipped up above her bellybutton. She finally gave up and left it half-untucked. She decided to leave her hair in its usual pigtails. She hated it when it started getting in the way, so keeping it in pigtails was a helpful way of keeping it in place.

She rubbed her large belly, savoring how soft it felt, but also the firmness she felt beneath her thick layer of fat. She knew her belly was going to get huge as the children inside her grew. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror before making her way down to the dining room for breakfast.

She ate enough to feed a small army. She ate a mountain of pancakes, three plates of waffles, four bowls of cereal, five servings of bacon, two big orders of toast, and an entire tray of eggs. She ate to the point where her belly was bulging and she could barely stand up.

Sam let out a small belch as she leaned back in her chair. She'd been getting even hungrier lately, and fortunately, there was no shortage of food for her. Slowly she got up from her chair, trying not to let the weight of her belly drag her over as she began waddling out of the dining room.

It was a hot day, but the heat didn't bother Sam. She was used to feeling hot now. In fact, the heat was the one thing she looked forward to in her day now. She loved how hot she got when she was out in the sun. She loved the way her clothes began feeling tight. She loved how people stared at her growing body. It was even better when she was at the beach, because the water made her clothes even tighter. Her favourite thing to wear was her swimsuit, especially the one with the skirt. It was a little bit too small for her, but she loved how it hugged her belly, and how there was nothing keeping her belly from jiggling around as she walked.

She smiled as she walked towards the beach. She could feel the sun beating down on her belly as the cool sea breeze drifted lazily past her, filling her nose with the scent of the ocean. She savored the way her thighs rubbed together as she walked, and the weight of her body slowing her down. She smiled at people as she passed by them, their eyes drawn to her
rounded belly which she kept on full display.

Tavitha looked around for Sam, but didn't see her anywhere. She figured she'd be there soon enough, so she decided to lay down on her towel. She closed her eyes for a bit, listening to the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore, and the wind blowing through the palm trees. She could feel the warmth of the sun on her face, and the soft sand under her body.

She started to doze off, but suddenly she heard a voice, "Hey, Tavi!" She opened her eyes and saw Sam waving at her from about 50 yards away. She was walking towards the beach, her belly sticking out in front of her like it was trying to bust free from her swimsuit.

Tavitha smiled slowly climbing to her feet as she waved at her chubby friend. Sam waddled towards Tavitha as she panted from the exertion from carrying her body all the way to the beach. She could feel sweat dripping from every poor as she strode confidently towards her friend.

"How do you always seem to get here before me?" Sam asked, bending over as she tried to catch her breath once she'd reached Tavitha.

"Well, I don't have as much weight to carry around as you for one," Tavitha joked, sitting back down on her towel as she eased herself to a laying position, "And two, I'm definitely not as lazy as you are."

Sam laughed as she sat next to her friend. She looked out at the ocean before turning her attention to her friend, "You know Tavitha, I've got to admit that I've really let myself go as of late."

Tavitha noticed how Sam was rubbing her belly absentmindedly as she spoke, "Yeah, you have changed quite a bit."

"I've just gotten so much fatter lately," Sam cooed, continuing to rub her belly unconsciously.

"We both have," Tavitha replied as she grabbed her own belly and gave it a shake, "Though, unfortunately, summer's almost over, then we'll have to go back to school."

Sam closed her eyes and turned her face towards the sun, letting the warmth wash over her. It had been really nice to have such a relaxing summer where she could really work on putting on weight. She imagined what everyone at school would think of her and Tavitha's fatter bodies. Especially when they found out Sam was pregnant. She was really excited for that part.

As Tavitha lay on her towel, she was staring down at Sam, who had spread herself out on a big beach towel, resting her head on her arms and falling asleep. It didn't take long for Sam to fall asleep, as she was a really big fan of napping. Especially when eating as much as she was.

Sam opened her eyes slowly, and was startled to see that it was now much darker. She looked around and saw that Tavitha was gone, but that didn't really surprise her. She noticed that people were packing up and walking to their cars, so she got up slowly.

She hadn't expected to sleep most of the day away, and her stomach let out a loud growl as it reminded her she hadn't eaten lunch. She stretched this way and that, trying to loosen up her body before she started heading back to the hotel for dinner. It was definitely getting a lot harder for her to make the walk with how heavy she'd become.

There was a restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. It was a nice place, with a lot of tall ceilings and big windows that let in a lot of light and air. Her favourite thing about it was that it was family-operated, so she knew that the food would always be fresh. As she walked in, she saw Tavitha at a table, already eating at the restaurant while reading a book. She nodded at Sam, and gave her a look that said, "Here. Hope you like to eat, 'cause we're ordering that stuff."

Sam closed her eyes as she walked over to Tavitha, stretching and groaning from all the weight she was carrying.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Sam complained as she plopped down next to Tavitha, "I'm soooo hungry!"

"You just looked so cute that I couldn't bring myself to wake you," Tavitha teased as she took another bite of her food, "Besides, I knew you'd come straight here when you woke up."

"Yeah, well, how did you know I'd come here?" Sam asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Because of this," Tavitha said patting Sam's exposed belly, "I knew you'd be starving when you woke up, and would want to get some food into that bottomless pit you call a stomach."

Sam laughed as the waitress came over to the table. A middle-aged woman carrying a notepad and a pen greeted them both good evening and asked what they'd like to order. They both ordered a large dinner, with no skimping on the calories. Even though Sam was pregnant, she was still growing at an alarming rate.

"Also, add an order of pancakes," Sam said to the waitress, "I haven't eaten much today and I'm really hungry."

"How can you be hungry after all the food you ate earlier?" Tavitha teased, "I thought you would be full for at least a week.

Sam laughed at Tavitha's look of mock surprise, "You said it yourself. I have a bottomless pit for a stomach."

The two friends chatted as they waited for their food to arrive. They discussed what everyone would think of their new bodies. How everyone at school would react to how much fatter they'd become. They talked about their plans after they returned home, and whether they'd keep gaining weight.

"I really hope I'll be as big as you are when I get pregnant," Tavitha said, "It would be sooo cool to be as big as you! I get jealous when I see girls on TV who are as big as you, or bigger."

"Thanks," Sam said, "I really like it too!"

The two friends talked about what they'd look like when they were at their biggest. How they'd look when they could no longer move on their own.

"I can't wait to get so big I can't even move anymore," Sam said with a dreamy sigh, "I hope I don't have to move at all."

"Me too!"

"It will be so nice when we're both that big. Then our families will have to take care of us and wait on our every desire since we won't be able to do it ourselves."

"It will be great. Then we won't have to worry about anything except eating and getting bigger. We won't have to go to school. We won't have to do chores. We'll just be able to eat and enjoy ourselves."

Sam found herself growing excited as Tavitha continued listing off the things they wouldn't be able to do as they continued getting fatter. She found herself imagining herself growing bigger and bigger as Tavitha contiued talking.

"We wouldn't have to worry about clothes shopping since we probably wouldn't even be able to find clothes to fit us. We won't have to get jobs or work. No more gym class."

"We'll have no reason to go to school," Tavitha continued, "We'll be able to eat all day long, and we won't have to worry about anything. We'll be able to eat as much as we want, and not have to do anything. Not even clean up."

"Exactly!" Sam said, "We won't even have to live anywhere. All we'll have to do is eat and grow bigger and bigger."

The two friends continued talking as they finished their meals. Then they ordered dessert and ordered more rolls, even though they were full already.

Eventually, the two girls finished eating and made their way back to their rooms. Sam struggled to undress herself as she got ready for bed. Her body was really starting to get in the way a lot. Still, that just excited her as she crawled into bed. The night before Sam was to go home, she and Tavitha went out to dinner. The same French-Canadian restaurant they always went to when they ate out. The two girls had a great dinner, but they were disappointed when they were too full to have dessert.

"You look so cute when you're full," Tavitha laughed as Sam struggled to get her shirt off, "Like a little piggy."

Sam laughed and struggled even harder to get her shirt off, which Tavitha found even more amusing.

By the next morning, Sam was already so full that she could barely walk. Tavitha had to help her get dressed.

"Be careful," Sam said.

I can't believe how big we've both gotter. I wonder how much we weigh?" Tavitha mused as she struggled to help Sam get her small shirt around her massive belly.

"Heh, I don't know," Sam replied. She was still catching her breath after the effort of getting dressed. "My ankles and knees hurt when I walk."

"Mine too," Tavitha replied, "though it's probably because of how much weight we've gained lately."

Sam nodded in agreement as she began waddling towards the bathroom. Every step was a workout as she struggled to move her massive body.

"Wow, 220 pounds!" Sam exclaimed as she moved to sit on the toilet. She always peed when she was full. "I've gained so much weight, I can't believe it!"

"I know," Tavitha said. "I don't know how much I've gained either. Probably around 100 pounds, I think."

The girls weighed themselves. Sam weighed 220 pounds, and Tavitha weighed 200 pounds.

"All this weight makes me so tired," Sam said, "I'm not looking forward to the long trip home today."

"Me neither," Tavitha said, plopping down on Sam's bed, "Though it's not like we have much of a choice."

Sam plopped down on the bed next to Tavitha as she thought about their summer. They'd both gained a ton of weight in the few short months they'd been here. They were both hardly recognizable as the same girls they'd been when they arrived on the island. On top of that, Sam would be having her children in just 7 months, and she knew that she'd probably get much bigger before then. Though it would definitely be hard to gain weight as fast once they were home. Her mind continued to drift as she imagined her new life now that she was so fat.

She imagined how everyone would react to seeing her new body. She imagined struggling to fit in the desks at school as she continued getting bigger. She imagined being so big that she'd have a hard time fitting in the seats on the bus. She thought about what it would be like to get so fat she could break a chair just by sitting on it. Samantha closed her eyes. She could almost see it all happening. Her friends telling her she's gotten fat. Her family not being able to recognize her. Her struggling to get out of her seat.

As these thoughts crossed her mind, Sam felt a tingling down below.

She could see herself growing a little bigger every day. She saw herself getting out of breath just from walking to the kitchen from her room. She saw her body getting so big that she got stuck in the desk at school, and had to have help getting out. She saw her struggling to fit in the bus seat. She saw herself struggling to carry her belly. Sam squirmed as these thoughts continued to fill her mind. She saw her wearing blouses that were so big they looked like tents. She saw her struggling to carry her massive gut around.

Sam was brought back to the present by a knock on the door, "Sam, it's time to head to the docks. Your boats here."

With a sigh, Samatha hoisted herself to her feet as she looked around the room where she'd spent the last three months. She could see the docks through the large window. She could see several boats, though she wasn't sure which one was hers yet. She glanced down at her pronounced belly and admired her exposed flesh. She tugged on her shirt to no avail, there was no way she could get it to cover her swollen belly. She looked at Tavitha laying on the bed, her fat body sinking down into the mattress. Sam loved how cute the fat made her friend look. Finally, she looked at the door that led to the hallway. Beyond those doors lay her future.

Sam took a step towards the door and glanced over her shoulder. She knew she'd see Tavitha tomorrow at school, but it would be different. Once they left this island they'd have to rejoin the rest of the world. She'd have to go to school and do chores. She'd have to go to gym class and exercise, as much as she hated the thought. Her parents probably wouldn't let her eat as much as she was used to and gaining weight would probably be a much more difficult process.

Sam took another step towards the door, feeling her heavy body shake and jiggle with each step. She wasn't the same girl she'd been when she arrived. She knew she'd never be the same again. As much as the world tried to make her conform to its standards, she was determined. She'd make herself her own person, here and now. Sam sighed and continued her journey towards the door.

Slowly she opened the door, revealing the butler who had brought her to the island. He turned and strode down the hall with Sam slowly following behind. She was leaving the island of her dreams. She was leaving the place where she could be herself. She was leaving the place where all her dreams could come true. Each step took her closer to home. She knew things would be different for her there than they had before the summer started. She was much fatter, and pregnant. She knew she'd never be the same person again, for she'd had a taste of paradise.

She made her way to the docks where she boarded a large boat. A few minutes later the engines spun to life and the boat lurched into motion. Sam took a few steps towards the door that led below deck before turning around with a smile on her face. She'd be back one day and her dreams would come true. She just knew it.
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