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A woman, terrified of open spaces, justifies her fears and loneliness.
Watching the World Go By

Loving winter isolation not socially acceptable.
Most yearn to be outside, unshackled, free.
Open spaces feel scary, indefensible.
Agoraphobia is a disease for certain absentees.

Is it a sin to want to be safe, hidden away?
Curled on a sofa, undercover, book in hand.
A window to peek through, glass shelters,
protection from harm, gaze at wild lands.

People believe you are frightened, weak,
keeping distance, a vibrant world awaits outside.
No, it is a comfort, a coping skill you seek.
Snowflakes, still a special wonder to be seen inside.

Your palace, a icicle sculpture to admire,
Coffee cup in hand, fireplace ablaze.
Cozy knitted afghan, soft furry cat to care for.
Need food or humans? Technology close by, in case.

Green comes along, waking up flowers, trees
People emerge, almost close enough to touch.
I feel fine, to stand back, watching appeals to me
It is okay for today, tomorrows might prove too much.

By Kathie Stehr
Feb 26, 2021
20 lines
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