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My publisher did something that touched my heart.
I do not often use my statc items to boast about a business. However, my publisher, Reader's Magnet Self-Publishing did something that I thought was amazing. I am publishing a book called Teatime with them. I have already paid for the publishing. Despite the fact that I have already completely paid for my package they have consistently befriended me. They have not tried to sell me anything more. They simply call to give me updates or just to check on me. Red Sanchez, Nikki Boltron, and Mario Gonzago all three called me from there the other night to express their concern upon learning that I have skin cancer. It is treatable and the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons at the VAMC in Huntington are taking care of it. My prognosis for survival is 99% so it is not likely to kill me. However, the whole department at Reader's Magnet called me individually to express their concern for me.

I was traditionally published four times between 2003 and 2010. I never once heard from a human being at my publisher's office. The only communication I had with them was email and that was only if a deadline was approaching or they needed something from me. They never once called me about anything. I never heard from them.

Yes. Reader's Magnet does have one complaint filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. I checked into that complaint. They had cold-called a woman who had a similar experience with a traditional publisher. The traditional publisher had promised to make her rich and famous. She did not become rich and famous. Reader's Magnet called her and she assumed they were scamming her.

Reader's Magnet does not make promises they cannot keep. They tell you right up front that self-publishing is an investment in yourself and that you are not likely to sell a bunch of books. You have to work to market yourself and make yourself attractive to readers. You have to bait your readers and earn your way just like any other job. If any publisher promises you X amount of sales they are lying to you. Reader's Magnet is the first to tell you that. What they offer is a professionally designed book, complete with editing, illustrations, and design covering. They also offer limited marketing, depending on what you are willing to invest. My package came with a book buy back guarantee. If I can convince a retailer to stock my book and then that book does not sell, Reader's Magnet will buy it back at wholesale cost. The retailer will lose nothing and I still get royalties. It is usually going to be up to me to get the retailer to stock the book however. Reader's Magnet does limited marketing. The rest is up to the author.

All too often authors think their material is so good that John Q. Public is going to eat it up. The fact of the matter is that John Q. Public has never heard of the author and has no idea how good the author's writing may be. They do not give a care until they are attracted in someway. The author has to let John Q know the author exists and really does have something to offer. Once that happens, sales will trickle in. There will be no downpours however. Writing is work. It is not a magic wand that creates money and turns everything into gold. Why do you think there are so few famous writers?

Reader's Magnet has befriended me. They do not need to call me. They have nothing more to sell me. Yet they do call because they are an author's friends.
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