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With the minimum wage hike--all other hikes will follow suit--less workers afforded
There should rather be some sort of benefits for those working minimum wage jobs. May it be government housing, food or medical assistance. How are businesses going to afford such huge hikes for operation's bottom line. How are they going to cut staff for the same service? How can one employee work harder to cover the work of 2?

And, the timing couldn't be worse during this Pandemic. A time when we are all sacrificing something here or there already. Gee, it sounds like no one can afford hikes at this time at all. I'm not saving any money as it is because of my medical bills. This would put me over the edge along with a lot of other folks.

Now is not the pricey time for anything or anyone. We are still in a Pandemic the rest of this year. We still have to sacrifice some more than others. Not exactly carefree yet by CDC. There is the low class and the middle class. There is a difference. They are not the same. How are low class income people going to be middle class?

I will not be able to afford fast food and other services available to me now to get by on Disability. What am I going to do for all the wage hikes imposed. What will really happen is that the middle class will become low class with a big minimum wage hike of $15.00 per hour.
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