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Misnamings are embarrassing
They called her Tippie Boo Boo, but that most emphatically was not her name. She would rather be called stupid dog or bad dog. She actually disobeyed to be called by one of those names. The Boo Boo family grew tired of her constant mischief. They even resorted to hitting her with rolled up newspaper. That didn't change her behavior one bit.

Finally the Boo Boo family gave up and searched for a new home for her. The new family was nice, nothing Tippie did could get them to say bad dog or stupid dog. They didn't hit or spank. Tippie continued her campaign of resistance to the name the Boo Boos saddled her with.

One day the smartest member of the nice family realized that Tippie only misbehaved when they called her by the hated name. She sat down with Tippie.

"I don't think you like your name. So let's find you a new one."

Tippie perked up her floppy ears until they stood straight up. The smart person took that as agreement.

"Do you like Sunny? Pup?" Tippie shook her head so the woman kept trying. She went through dozens of names and Tippie shook her head at every one of them. Finally the woman sighed, "I don't know what to call you. You are so precious I will keep trying."

At the word precious, Tippie's ears flicked and her tail wagged.

"Do you want us to call you Precious?"

Tippie wagged frantically.

"Okay, Precious..." The woman couldn't finish her statement for all the kisses Precious gave her.

From that day forward the hated name was never used again. Precious earned a second name, because from that day forward she was a perfect Angel.

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