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by nat
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Memories just something to think about
good or bad
happy or sad
that build you up
that tear you down
Unforgettable Memories
Memories full of regret
Memories that last forever
Memories you wish you can forget
Ahh memories
The Beauty and The Beast
Even though your memories made you cry
Even though your memories made you want to die
Even though your memories of anger/hate/destruction/confusion reached beyond the stars
Learn from them
Remember them
It's okay to have memories you are uncomfortable with
Share them
You lived through them
Others may not know how
Show them them the scars
Show them the ugliness
Show them that they can become a Lighthouse on the Stormy and darkest nights

I don't know what you went through
I don't know how tough it got
I don't know how far you went
I don't know if you are gone at all
But I know that there are people, even if they don't know you, that need you
You are a lighthouse
Please, don't forget

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