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Some people say yuck to flies, but I love eating them. They give me energy. Flies keep me healthy. When I’m hungry eating flies is nice. They fill me with tasty goodness. I spend a lot of my time eating flies.

Did you know that frogs have long tongues? My tongue is extra long and I can catch a lot of flies. Kermit is my name and catching flies is my game. I love spending my days eating and catching flies.

My home is in the water near land. When I look for flies I can look on land or stay in the water. Sometimes it takes a long time for me to find a fly but hunting is fun. Having a nice tasty fly makes all my hunting delightful and enjoyable. Whenever I can eat flies I eat them day or night I like them so much.

Eating flies gives me energy to swim. I’m a very good swimmer. On land I hope high and far. Hoping like this helps me catch flies when I’m on land. I croak too, but when I’m hunting I keep quiet.

Today I filled up with flies and now I can swim and enjoy my day until I get hungry again. Before it gets dark I’ll hunt for more flies and then go to bed.

PROMPT: “Time’s fun when you’re eating flies.” – Kermit the Frog
Age Level: Toddler thru Pre-teen.

1092 characters, 222 words. Readability level: 7-8th grade student.

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