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An in depth example of why God Commands us.
God Commands us to Love Him with our Heart, Mind & Soul~
Because these are the three that makes us a whole.

God Commands us to fear His mighty wrath. He knows it's the best way to keep us on the Righteous path.

God Commands us to learn right from wrong. God Commands us to Praise Him with song.

God Commands us to love our neighbors. Not to want what is theirs but to be happy for them and what they got... be a good example to them in what you do. They worked hard for what they got just like you.

God Commands us to never lie. To speak the Truth let me tell you why.. He brought you into the world, His world, without nothing to give. Just a borrowed breath of air, for as so much, you should live. Whenever one does lie, it disrupts
what's right.

Take heed, be aware~Don't ring His alarm. There is no way in hell, if you have
something to tell...that you would use His borrowed breath to do someone harm, to cause another stress, to be ill or even death.

God Commands us not to steal, you know why?
And God Commands us not to kill~ This is the reason why... Because whatever we have, whatever we got, we worked so hard for before it could be bought, and when it comes to a life, that is something no man can replace and that is why stealing and killing is so very wrong~ whatever you got was a fight that you fought.

The D~evil is a liar and a thief, he knows forever he is wrong~ The Truth is to God you belong.
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