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Rated: E · Poetry · How-To/Advice · #2247026
How we can find clarity when feeling like mud. Knowing when to be still.
It is like mud. It is neither good nor bad. We can choose to resent getting dirty, or revel in it. Of course life is more than mud. It seems to sometimes love us and sometimes hurt us. It is more active than mud. At times it is like a giant wave that crashes on and crushes us. At times it is like a giant wave that gracefully picks us up and carrys us to safety. But sometimes it is both.

At these times we don't know if we should call it good or bad, or if we should run away or rejoyce. But this will not do much for us anyway because it is neither good nor bad. It seems we can only choose if we want to avoid getting dirty or if we have something to revel in, and we may find this an impossible choice. Because, at times, we find ourself to be much like mud. We may feel neither good nor bad. We may feel confused and lost.

Like much of life we are neither good nor bad. We may find ourself to be like a muddy puddle that has no direction and no capacity to be anything but what it is. It would be silly for a puddle to consider itself being lost. So when we feel confused or lost, without intention, like the puddle, we are wise to accept this feeling. Without judgement of being good or bad we can just be still and listen.

Becomming still we will eventually notice the ripples. They too are neither good nor bad, and not able to make the choices that we must make for ourselves. If we remain calm we will find direction in the ripples. Sensing the motion of life, while feeling still like a puddle, allows us to be more self aware. This kind of awareness motivates us to avoid or ride the ripples. And then we no longer feel like mud because in being still, how a puddle should be, we have sensed motion, direction and intention. Then we can become unstuck because our choice to be still has made our other options more obvious.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2247026-Life-And-Much-Of-It