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Someone's home alone.
I'm alone.

I'm alone, how did this happen? Where did everybody go? Just a moment ago we were all together, talking happily and horsing around. Now, here I am, alone in the house. I know I can get a bit carried away sometimes, be a bit too loud perhaps — but did they have to leave? Was I that loud? That inconsiderate? I was just having so much fun! Perhaps I was a bit oblivious, perhaps I ignored the signs. Surely they could have given me a bit more of a warning before they left, though, wouldn't that be only polite? Did they? Perhaps I wasn't listening. "Bye, buddy", they just said all of a sudden, as they put their jackets and shoes on, and filed out the door. It happened so fast; were they angry? I have to get in touch with them, what if they're upset with me? What if they're leaving for good. This won’t do. I'll have to find them, so we can be friends and hang out again.

I think I miss John the most. Maybe I should call him first. I feel like we have a special bond; surely he'll explain what's going on. I love hanging out with John, he's always so easygoing, and never gets too mad when I get carried away. We have the same sense of humor, John and I. Oh, yes, I miss John the most. He's an excellent cook too, I love it when he makes food. And he always notices how I feel. I'm not always the best at explaining myself, I don't think the others always understand me. But John does. Always. He was so brusque now, though. Just left with the others, with no explanation. "Bye". Just a simple "Bye". What's going on? Is John tired of me? Did I say something wrong? I think I can handle it if the others get angry, but not John. Oh, no, what if he found out that I borrowed his sock without permission, and made a hole in it? He must have found out. I can't bear it if John doesn't talk to me again, what do I do?!

Okay, time for action. I won't fix anything by just staring at the door, wondering why they left so abruptly. I'll start by calling John, that seems like the most sensible plan of action. He can't just ignore me, even if he’s mad that I broke his stuff again. "John?"... "John!?".... "JOHN!!!". Damn it, John, where are you? I'll keep calling, but maybe I'll do something about the sock situation too. What if he hasn't noticed yet? Perhaps I should hide the other sock, just in case. I'll go to his bedroom and sort it out.

Hrmph, where does he keep that thing? Maybe he's hidden it from me, so I won't make I hole in that one too? I wasn't going to, I was just going to hide it! John is so paranoid sometimes. I love the guy, but sometimes he worries too much. That's why I always joke around with him, he needs to laugh more. We're good together, John and I. Why did he leave? "John?!". "JOHN!!! ". Surely he can't stay mad forever. I know what I'll do, I'll just rearrange some of his other things, so that he won’t notice if the socks are here or not. Excellent. Sometimes I impress myself even, with my clever ideas. John always thinks I'm clever, that's why he likes hanging out with me —well, that and the humor. I guess he's right.

It's not just John I miss, though. Where has Katie gone to? And Fred, and little Suzie? Where have they all gone?? I don't understand any of this. I best go to the living room, maybe I can see them from the windows.

Where are they?


I don't know what to do now. I'm out of clever ideas. What if they never come back. I should have listened more, payed more attention. If they come back to me I'll be better, appreciate them more. I'll help find John's socks, I'll kiss little Suzie's face all over. That always makes her giggle, although I think Katie gets a bit jealous. I'll kiss her face too. She pretends like she doesn't want it, but whenever I manage, she can't help but laugh a bit too. I'll make her laugh a lot this time, if only she comes back. "Katie?!!". "Hello?!!". Silence. Just silence. Where are they?

I'm tired. I miss them.

WHOAH. Did I doze off? I thought I heard something. "Hello?". Oh, there it is again. Voices? Yes! I think I hear them! "Hello!!?". I best hurry to the door, I definitely hear them!


Finally. They're home.


"Hi Fido! How have you been, buddy?"


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