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A poem based on when life takes a difficult turn and it becomes harder to live.
In that catastrophe when you feel low;
You fail and knelt down below.

In that condition of utmost grief ;
And then you start thinking of wreath.

Losing hope and zest for life;
And life is full of strife.

Then the easier you find
Is nothing but to suicide.

It is difficult to live and face the world;
To face the challenges, each and every word.

To keep the promises, to fulfill the duties;
To enjoy this phase of life and it's beauty.

Life tests those whom she thinks eligible;
Finds him strong enough and compatible.

Who would emerge as a conqueror;
To remain in the battle longer and stronger.

Everybody goes through their difficult times;
But they do not commit such a big crime.

It's cowardice to escape;
To quit in between and to break.

To live with courage and nobility till the end,
And that's what life recommend;
To be alive even after death,
Be full of life until your last breath.

Word count : 163
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