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Patrick was sainted for his faithfulness to God from slavery to Gospel ministry.
This selfless missionary had a heart for the souls of men.
Patrick left his home for the green isle of Ireland.
His starting point was England, which he forsook to impart
great hope to the residents, who were bereft of hope.

"I know you want to be free of your doubts,"
which is something he would have said soon after his arrival,
"but be aware, that salvation is not something you can do, nor be.
Salvation is the Gift, which was purchased by God’s Only Son.

"What must I do to be saved?"
came the still confused responses from the natives of the isle.
Patrick said clearly, “You can never be good enough to be made whole.
Your good works look to God, like the filthy products of your body.

He further stated,”The saving Lord Jesus of Nazareth hung upon the cross.
By that act He became your sin and paid for that infraction against God.
He redeemed you from everlasting loss and punishment in Hell,
and by His actions He could offer you His own Personal Worth.

He wrapped up by saying, “Jesus was restored to life on the third day,
but He restores lost souls, now, without having to wait
The Irish, who were once lost ones, became newly free
through Christ, the One, that Patrick told them about.

by Jay O'Toole
on March 31st, 2021

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