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Lyrics about falling in love at 16 & doing the things they did at first to maintain love.
Under the Juniper Tree
Male vocalist

Ooh, joy I’m groovin’
on a Friday afternoon,
and I am provin’
that I will see you through
cause, darlin’, you’re strivin’
to make this love come true
and I’m drivin’
all the way to you.

When I arrive
we’ll be groovin’
just like we were sixteen
under the Juniper tree
in the backyard
and you could finally see
I was in love
and alone with you, girl.
That kiss made my eyes mist,
and you could tell everyone
that my love for you
was truer than true.

Life was tough
when I was young
Oh, we barely had enough.
But you, my magical love,
were my wittle boo,
my battle cover
from the hard stuff.

And when the scarcity comes,
my mind sends me
right back to another
Friday afternoon
cruisin’ and a-thinkin'
about you
when we were groovin’
on a magical afternoon
in the summertime
the days you saw me through.
You were beautiful, girl,
But the real you
had me steal true
Love right away from you.

So, we’re still groovin’
every Friday afternoon
And I’m still provin’
That I’m here for you,
Just like we were sixteen
Under the Juniper tree
In the backyard
And we can finally see
It was meant to be.

All of these years
Of being staid in love
Have brought us above
The things of
This world
And we relied
On the Man we cried
Out for in bad times
of need.
Honey, we believed
In the power of He
So, we see
the fruit in our lives
from the seeds
we planted during
brutal times.
Honey, we stayed true.
It was magical you
who taught me
Fruitful times come from
Giving tithes and
Honoring the Man who died
for you and He died for me, too,
to give us life, indeed,
for now and Eternity.

They can plant our seeds
Under the Juniper tree
In the backyard
So everyone can see
magical you and the
effect that you had on me.

And we’ll be cruisin’ into eternity
and be groovin’ under Heaven’s Juniper tree
on the streets of gold
in a love untold
and live carefree amidst
Sapphires and Amethysts
With no fire and too many
Blessings to list.

But it all started before time
with a Word, then came alive
in a magical blur under the
Juniper tree in the backyard
when we were sixteen
sharing our first kiss,
which made my eyes mist
cause you were magical you
and I was in love and I
wanted to see love through,
Darlin’, set love free
under the Juniper tree.


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