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Is coffee harmful enough to be restricted?
Due to the alarming number of people worldwide addicted to coffee, the United Nations has announced that research has declared it a drug. After much deliberation, the American government has decided from here on out, coffee is an illegal substance. Much like prohibition, the buying, selling, and growing of coffee is now prohibited and if caught, punishable by law.
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Class XII D is having a lecture over coffee - about its pros and cons. The teacher reads, "Coffee has its roots in Ethiopia. It enhances alertness and is good for health when taken in an adequate amount. However, it has been restricted numerous times before also, for instance in Mecca(1511), Italy (16th century), Constantinople(1623), Sweden (1746), and Prussia(1777).
So now, can anyone tell why coffee has been banned?"

Henry seemed interested. He answered, "Coffee contains caffeine which is medically a drug and may become addictive. ".

Raising a qualm another questioned " Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, chocolate, many soft drinks, and pain relievers as well as when it helps increasing alertness why is it banned? Is it so harmful? If yes, then are these drinks also contain drugs?" This raised many questions and fear in every mind present in the class.

"Coffee is safe for most adults. According to, webnd.com - "Caffeine is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth for a long time or in high dose (>400mg per day)". Normally it is not a life-threatening drug. " the teacher informed.

"If you have noticed, you will know that for some, they have become dependent and developed withdrawal symptoms depending upon the intake.
Surprisingly, those who drink coffee occasionally may trigger a heart attack but for regular drinkers with a greater amount, the risk lessens."

Now, it was the turn of students to tell their views on this.
Francis Crick, one of the most intelligent students raised his hand. "Every government work for its people and every decision cannot be perfect. I think people should respect the decision and try following the rules. At first, there is commotion occupied by curiosity. People are gossiping about this and thus spreading fire. There will be pros and cons of the new rule which the public, as well as the government, has to suffer. In starting, there are difficulties in leaving the so grown coffee habit but eventually, people will start to accommodate with their new biological needs."

Simultaneously, other regions are also discussing the ban. News articles about the coffee ban are starting to spread across the world. It has become a global issue and other countries are also getting affected. Some nations who think of the decision as a boon, are also trying to apply the ban in their areas, whereas some who are against this decision are trying to protest against or at least are not standing for it.

There are changes seen in many industries. There are also new views arising in the entertainment industry -for or against this topic. Movies and dramas depicting their point of view, how the society accepts it, or how is getting affected are being made. There is medical research on caffeine going on to know more about it. For the market industry, they are trying very hard to make a better coffee with less or no caffeine thus giving rise to many new coffee products.

Declaring coffee as the drug has lead to the banning of other caffeine-containing products such as tea, etc
The police have started looking out for coffee black marketing and have already caught some coffee smugglers.

Presently, some have already become dependent on coffee (and that's what addiction is called), therefore they need to go to a rehabilitation centre. Although the number is less yet there will be patients showing severe withdrawal symptoms. The government is opening new rehabilitation centres, especially for coffee-addicted people. People are in need of rehabilitation centres, though not many.

There is a little disturbance worldwide but the fire seems to be extinguishing.
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